So buildings do not have wings!

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    Whenever you get tired of holding up sagging wings, straightening tail planes or bending flaps you might want to try something challenging for a change.!!
    Try taking down the measurements of a full scale medieval castle and turning it into a scaled model 1:200. Alternatively try walking through cow dung to reach an otherwise unreachable window frame. Believe it or not we do it regularly as "professionals"and actually enjoy it. If, and only if, you ever try to reach the great heigths of modelling an actual building, give us a call for all the tips you can use. its why we joined the group. We hope, of course, to provide you with something to do when the weather is unsuitable for flying your birds. Try one of our models and get the real feel of digital artwork, you never know, maybe you will want to use the same techniques on your next birdie.
    Friends in the air and on the ground,
    Stephen platt.