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  1. now i rcived this medel of panzer and i realised the lines were quite pixalated and it had a lack of tabs and when i printed it the colours wernt very good so ive gave it an update using photo shop ive updated the colours and added tabs the the right places and ive updated the handle because after watching voyager i realised the coulours were round the wrong way and im making an adaptation to add and remove vials all you need is a few magnets to keep them in and ill make a sheet of about five dirrfent colour vials by changing the colours on the other on ill have it up soon.
  2. started the inside part ill post pics though because it involes modifying the pices meant for the origional vial
  3. ok inside modification for vials is done and there are six multicolourd vials you can make as many as you want ill have to upload it later the file is 46 over the dimensions and im not sure if changing it would cause the model not to fit so ill have to use an image uploader like photobucket

    UPDATE here ya go tabs arent brilliant but id imagine theyll get the job done




    ohh and there the same size i belive as the pdf documents so print both at 75%