Small Cathedral Domes

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    I find it difficult to make paper cylinders less than 1/4" in diameter that involve segments at the top that will be rounded up to a dome. Some publishers are still using thick paper stock, but yet place miniscule tabs on each segment. I decided cut off the tabs and wrap the paper around a turned dowel.
    In a model lathe, a dowel is chucked and turned down to the diameter of the cylinder. Then the top of the dowel is profiled to the curve of the dome. The paper piece is glued and wrapped around the shaped wood. Because the wood is still chucked, it is very easy to perform this operation. I shape the curved segments of the dome in place with the spoon end of a leathercraft tool.
    A side benefit of this process is that the cylinder is smooth and round. There is no overlap at the join.