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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by marah, Nov 1, 2005.

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    I have to say i wasnt impressed. Video editing was pertty ubar, but the drifting was extremely sloppy. And the whole doing circle thing mid drift IMO shows lack of control and carlessness of actual drifting. But im very picky on videos and such. There were some parts where i droped my jaw, IE when he was drifting between the cones rather then around, there was minimal room for error there.

    If you havent had a chance, you should check the SG Drifters, and there was another video done up D1 style. It was a Hachi Roku and 180SX done up UEO style and a paintball mask and wood was used as cones. I'll have to find the name of it and such, but that was SICK video footage and flawless drifting.
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    thanks for the honest/frank comments... no hard feelings... i'm still new to vid production... actually my first attempt :shock:

    sorry wat does 'ubar' means??

    glad u like tat... it was me...

    SG Drifters... was done by my fren Andrew... juz tryin to emulate him :lol: btw do post the link/name of the other vid...
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    Ya, the vid production was awsome i thought, just the drifting could use some work :wink:

    Ubar is German for "Super"

    Ya, your threw the cone and salom drifting was superb! I still just smash the cones as if i was the hulk rather then a drifter :oops:

    I dont know where i got the video, as i just download like a crazy person. I eather got it from Limewire, or a link somewhere on the site. But i believe it was from, titled D1 RC Final [cut] but the accuall file name is D1 RC Final.wmv.

    Hrm, just checked the site to see if i could direct link it, but they removed their Video sections. Been a long time since i visited there... had some problems with members :evil:

    I'll snoop the net to try and find that video, i know it has been posted on a few other websites.
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    ah thanks... thought 'ubar' meant bad... :lol:

    yup gotta agree wif u on the driftin part... need a lot more practice...

    will look for the vid too... but if u found it... do post it here... thanks...

    so i assume u're german? btw wat do u guys use as driftin tires? PVC, ABS(PE), Tapes? juz curious...
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    Nope, 100% american. Took a class of German, as well at play a lot of Internet games back in the day (Diablo II, Counter Strike, Ect) and thats where i got a lot of my lingo :lol:

    On my TC3 i use ABS. I thought PVC was a bit to slick for me, especially on the new tarmac and cement surfaces they put in around the neighborhood. Then on my micro, i use Electrical tape. Works wonders. I tried electrical tape on the whole tire on my TC3, but that sucked. So i tried it on the inside, with a grip of camber, but i still didnt like how that felt. I've been trying to get a hold of some of the "D Spec" tyres, but have no money :( I dont like that you cant really power over on ABS, but i do like how much easyer it makes things :D

    :idea: And dont worry about the practice thing. Try and have fun with it more. You'll notice it will catch on while your having fun rather then trying to go pro with it, at least for me :idea: I practice too, but i seem to understand the mechanics more so when im having fun
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    ah ic... :D
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    Think you got your german wrong. First of all, it's written "├╝ber". Second of all, directly translated it means "over". Ubar is gibberish...