signal problem solved!!!!

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    Jul 25, 2002
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    Hi friends,

    I have just unearthed a wiring diagram that seems to solve my problem.
    I would of attatched a copy of it(and a photo of the signal)with this message but i am awaiting a new computer system as mine is very outdated!:eek:

    I will give you a brief description of the plan now and hope to be able to post some pictures of my layout in about 4 weeks.
    The terminals on the switch are numbered like below.
    4 1
    5 2
    6 3

    You connect signal(with resistor ) to 5 and 2.
    12v dc is attatched to 6 and 3.
    6 and 1 are connected by small wire.
    3 and 4 are also connected with small wire.

    NICK C