Siderod's Trains - November 16th Update!

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    Hey Guys!
    That time has come once again, for me to update my website yet again. Alot has
    happened in the 2-weeks since my last update. Briefly, in the most recent
    update, over 100 pictures were added to several pages (102, actually, but who's
    counting?). Also, there is a whole lot of new railfan reading, which i think
    will interest you. To go into more detail.....

    ~Biography Page - I've updated the information, as well as added a picture of me
    over the summer, mainly for people in the local area, and places i go
    railfanning, to know who i am.

    ~Friends Page - Information updated

    ~CVRD Brazilian Exports - New scripts being tested (*)

    ~VIA Veteran Tribute Train - New Page! This is my tribute to the Veteran, and
    everything they've ever done for this country. This year, the year of the
    veteran, marked the 60th anniversary of the ending of the great war. Some VIA
    staff in Halifax, NS, thought it would be fitting to run a train honouring the
    Veteran from Halifax to Ottawa in time for the Rememberance Day ceremoney, and
    then return them a couple days later. VIA was on-board with the idea, and the
    result was a 30-car Stainless Steel train with 3 F40PH-2's on the head end! It
    departed Wednesday (9th) and returned on Sunday (13th). There are pictures of
    both the westbound and eastbound trains on my website, as well as my chase of
    the eastbound on Sunday. New scripts are also being tested on this page (*)

    ~Montreal 2005 - New Page! Earlier this year (end of September, early October) i
    was in Montreal for a weekend with Cousin Dave. Among other things, we were
    there for railfanning and trains. We also went to the Delson ExpoRail museum.
    There are MANY pictures on this page, and it will take a while to load, so be
    patient! There are also some new scripts on this page (*)

    Now that this is all online, my railfanning photography journal is back up to
    current-day status. I've got a couple small things i want to do to the website
    that will probably go un-noticed, mostly having to do with scripts. (*). I want
    to re-arrange some of the pages, as well, to help the pages load faster, and be
    easier to navigate. A couple pages need to get some attention, as they have yet
    to be updated since i made the website back in February! I've got some things to
    add, i just need to get a round to it.

    *...Just a note, the new scripts i'm testing are made to make the site run
    faster, smoother and make things easier to read. Some are seperate files, some
    are written right into the page source code. If you come across any problems,
    please, let me know!

    As always, i'm open to comments and suggestions...drop me a reply here, or drop
    me an e-mail through the contact-me section at the bottom of every page on the