Shunichi's Gunwalker

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    @Rhaven Blaack - Thanks, I feel a sense of completeness now. I was looking through all the mods for the TF kit and decided to start with the original. That's definitely the kind of passion for the craft that I admire. I'm beginning my build of the original Thunder Fighter kit (just received a nice shipment of paper).

    @Revell-Fan - Thanks! I do wish the texture was less muddled. I really like the textures of Shunichi's models, and the Thunder Fighters. Real sharp and crisp. I wish people would spend a little more time on refining.
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    @Neon Neuron Just to let you know, Martin Saenger has just uploaded the new cockpit interior. So you can build it into your Thunder Fighter.

    I am looking forward to seeing your build thread. I wish you the BEST OF LUCK!!!
    If you have any problems with the build (at any time) please let me know and I will do what I can to help you!