Ships from "The Expanse"

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    Sorry, been away finishing up the Narcissus (yes very nearly there). Anyway a link was posted at Starship Modeler for various ships from the opening episodes of SyFy's "The Expanse" and are now available for download as wavefront .obj files under a creative commons license. While these are optimized for 3d printing (which will be fine for those of you with a 3d printer), these might prove to be useful as a starting point for anyone who wants to try out building a mod for card. Particularly since the lighting is so dark, it is hard to make them out from the show.

    wavefront .obj can be imported into Blender. I just imported one module, and I think a straight transform to card might be tricky, and probably best used as a kind of separate 3 view template for building on top. I'm not going to myself now. Too many things to finish.
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    I like this series so far. Very interesting. The .Obj files are locked together in such a manner than I could not explode them to try and pull a model without getting the other 30,000 other triangles with it. This is why I hate .obj format, Blender, etc, Rhino is so much cleaner and easier to create and reverse engineer. I did manage to make the plate with the engine combustion chambers on them but it took so much time , it wasn't worth it, for me. Maybe someone will come up with a far less sloppy multi intersecting radii, superfluous curves. This mesh is a mess. :)