Shay Driver - Where is he?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by acshrpe, Dec 12, 2002.

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    Aug 31, 2002
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    I too am still around. If you notice my time here, I have been here BEFORE the RRL went down, and before the new RRF went up.

    There were quite a few reasons as to why Tom Fassett and myself brought up the RRF, but NONE of them have to do with The Gauge. This is an excellent forum, and I applaud Dave for keeping an orderly and clean house!

    As for my absence here, I do apologize. Being an admin for RRF keeps me very busy. I come here and check on things now and then though. Of particular interest are my fellow ROCK fans, but our topic seems to have waned also.

    As Tom said, we are NOT trying to compete with anyone. We promote Atlas, The Gauge and RRL, as much as we promote our own forum. I believe as does Tom, that there is plenty of Internet to go around for us all, and many more forums to come.

    I will not stop being a member of The Gauge, I will just be absent more often as work on the forum permits very little time for me to do other things.

    And Walt, our forum has informative articles, intelligent input, comradarie, and a friendly family atmosphere. It is NOT all about chat or virtual model railroading.


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    Jan 28, 2001
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    First of all, congrats to the guys at RR-F for getting that site up & running...I visited over there last night, & it looks really nice!:cool:
    I don't think I'll be joining any other forums though, because I already spend WAY too much time in front of this screen as it is!:rolleyes: :D ;)
    Walt brings up an interesting point about "virtual" model railroaders...I think any of us "train nuts" who participate with any regularity on any of these forums, have some degree of that in us.
    For me, (& I know I speak for many here) the internet has revolutionized the's opened up a whole facinating world to me, & if it takes time away from the basement layout, so what? I enjoy it!
    I think everyone should approach the hobby from the angle that's most comfortable to them.
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    Oct 16, 2002
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    Well, I will join in. I don't know how long ago I started coming to The Guage but it was probably when it was fairly new. I started at Atlas and when it went down once (as it often does) someone suggested looking here. In those days there was very little activity and since I was more of a reader then than a poster I didn't stay too long as there just wasn't much to read.

    When the RR-L went down others from there moved here to stay in touch and I want to thank you for welcoming us in. I have enjoyed the experience this time and will continue to visit but may not always post.

    As for chatter about non-train stuff and being a virtual modeler I can't imagine how that detracts from the hobby. I collected my N Scale stuff for years because I had neither the room nor the time to model except virtually. These Forums kept me involved through that and allowed me to start my current layout a lot wiser than I was on my last couple. Since I live a rural area and model as a lone wolf all that chat and virtual modeling kept me involved. I also like to get to know the people I spend time with, even virtual time, and that is the purpose of the chat that others find idle.