Sharpening punches

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    The best was of re-sharpening a punch is to use an oil stone or slip stone. A few wipes, done regularly, at the right angle will keep your punch nice and sharp.

    Please don't use a Dremel or similar. They are rather brutal for this delicate task. They will remove too much material and spoil the shape/angle of the cutting edge. They also generate too much heat and will de-temper the punch.

    Already de-tempered your punch and want to re-harden it ? It's not difficult. Get a blow lamp and heat the tip to cherry red, then quench it in water. Use an oil stone to remove the discolouration, then gently re-heat it until the tip changes to a blue colour and re-quench it. Now sharpen with an oil stone and your punch should take a good edge. Note that this will not work if you have a really cheap punch made out of poor quality steel.

    Remember, when sharpening tools, little and often is best.

    Safety note - please be careful with blow lamps and hot metal. Burns hurt. Failing that, please don't blame me if you burn your self, or set your house on fire ;)