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    San Diego Model RR Museum Update - La Mesa HO Tehachapi Layout

    I've just posted a small January 2005 progress update to my Oct 2004
    behind-the-scenes photo essay of this famous layout.

    Significant progress has been made and the Tehachapi
    Loop is taking shape.

    You can see the photos in Volume 4 of
    San Diego Model RR Musuem - La Mesa HO Club:

    Here's two of the photos.

    A view of Tehachapi Loop under construction on the 2nd level, you can see the benchwork going in for
    the Tehachapi Loop above the existing ground level of layout:


    And here, you can see the Loop under construction:


    Progress is well along towards the goal of having trains
    running to the Loop in time for Summer 2005 and various
    conventions, such as the Pasadena July Santa Fe Historical
    Society convention and the San Diego October Southern Pacific
    Historical Society convention.

    Hope you enjoy the update!


    Reposted below, is the information leading to the
    first three albums and 70 photos from the Oct 04 visit:


    Thanks to the San Diego Model RR Museum - La Mesa HO Club, for a wonderful visit on Tuesday night, Oct 19,
    2004. Following are about 70 photos from *behind the
    scenes* of their massive, wonderful Tehachapi Loop HO layout.

    You can see these photos online at:

    look in Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

    Here's a picture of Caliente on the eastbound climb towards Tehachapi Loop taken more from 'train-level':


    To put the photos in perspective and understand what's going on with this massive layout, have your January 2004 Model Railroader cover story article handy:


    Hope you enjoy the visit!