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    Sorry, but as a Seinfeld-fan i simply couldn't resist. :mrgreen:
    Yep, it's a bit of a lengthy read but please, bear with me.

    I recently finished my fifth papercraft and it's the one that started it all:
    A friend of mine sent me something I should print out for him and it was a PDF-file with the plans of the Serenity paper model. As die-hard-Firefly/Serenity fans we always wanted to get ourselves a collectible of the ship but besides a few keychains and the totally unaffordable 'Big Damn Replica' there's really nothing available. So we decided to give this strange new hobby a chance and tried to build us our own paper Fireflies.
    Unfortunately, the plans were badly flawed, some pages were missing and with no instructions whatsoever neither one of us could really make any sense of anything and discarded the model as impossible. wall1

    Well, he did.
    I continued searching the net for any hints and clues I could find about this model and gathered every piece of the plans or instructions I came across. In the meantime I had already built some other papercrafts and decided to give it another try with my newly acquired skills. It took me about two weeks with a few hours of modeling in the evening but *Yatta!* - I finally did it.

    She ain't perfect but that's quite fitting for this old girl and I love her the way she is. ;-)
    My build's got no moving parts because I don't think I'm that skilled yet.
    I had to build the tail three times before I could manage for the bugger to actually fit together. In total I think I've built over half a dozen tails I had to trash.
    All in all, the model fits together quite nicely without any real changes to the original plans aside from one aspect ratio hickup I had to put right first.

    Well, we all know that Jorge's site's been offline for many years and now that Laz' website recently got hit by a php-worm I can't find any download sources for the paper model anymore. I tried to inform Laz of the infection but I haven't got any replies yet. I've also searched the download-sections of different papercrafting/hobbying forums to no avail.

    So I've decided to dedicate a website to this little piece of model artwork and provide downloads for the original as well as the re-painted model and the complete set of instructions along with it.

    The site's really plain and simple old school html 'cause I haven't done any websites for ages now. But it serves the purpose.

    I'm simply way too much of a Firefly/Serenity/Whedon fan to let this thing be forgotten.

    IMHO this model should always stay available for everyone.

    "She's tore up plenty, but she'll fly true"

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    Looks great! I just did this one myself except I built it with the engines tilted and Inara's shuttle launching (on a piece of wire)

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