Sensa Trak and Auto-reversing

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    Dec 4, 2006
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    I am at the verge of installing dcc into my 4x8 and i'd like to use an autoreversing unit. At first i had settled on the mrc unit because it was small easy to install (based on reviews here and reading) and cheap <== important hehehe.

    BUT now that i've done a litte more research and read a bit at about the spark that is created on the reverse loop i'm not so sure i want that spark. I did a little poking around and have come up w/ 2 solutions so far:

    1) Follow tony's advice and use solid state switched reverse units.
    REVERSER AND BREAKERS FOR DCC | Tech News at Tony's Train Exchange.

    2) use an optical occupancy detector and have that operate a reverse circuit (tch technology sensatrak II and autoreverse unit) which ... in my mind would eliminate sparks becuase the rail will be reversed before the train gets there.
    TCH Technology | Products - DC/DCC Automatic Reverse Unit

    Any suggestions?
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    Don't fight it. Use Tony's. Works first time and every time.
    Spend more time running the trains.