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    Mar 17, 2004
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    Hey all--
    I've added photos of my latest scratchbuilt launch vehicle, an Atlas IIIB, in 1/96th scale. The last Atlas IIIB was launched a couple of weeks ago, wrapping up a successful launch campaign for this version of the dependable (and old) Atlas family of launch vehicles.

    The model was built out of cardboard, card, paper -- and, as you might be able to tell from the first stage, mylar. While browsing through my local art scraps shop (where a lot of industrial odds'n'ends are taken to be recycled; it's a great shop to discover stuff in) I found some sheets of silver mylar and decided it might be interesting to try and use them on a model. One side was very shiny, while the other side had a duller look to it. The Atlas IIIB, with that long stretch of metal on the first stage, would be a perfect use for the mylar, I thought.

    I used an appropriately sized model rocket tube for the base, then scratchbuilt the engine section, bottle fairings, the fuel feed lines, the interstage, the Centaur stage, the payload fairing, various utility tunnels and other small details. Aside from the mylar, I used eight different types of paper or card to build and detail the model.