Scratch builders, you need cardbords? FREE!

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by goodduck, Oct 3, 2010.

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    Jul 26, 2010
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    I was over at IKEA today looking to buy some packing box or cardboards to pack my 1st paper model kit Folletto for shipping. I thought IKEA would sell them cheaper then UPS, Staples, or UHaul. But, they don't have any to sell. They give away the boxes FREE! Yes, FREE!

    All this years I shop at IKEA. I never thought about they give away boxes free. I never look for them, I never asked. And IKEA couldn't give away the discarded boxes fast enough. I could have saved the buyers some money on that. Now I know better.

    The boxes are located by the checkouts. There would be in two big bin. Above, a big sing "You need boxes?". They are free. Take all you need. The boxes are great if you need to ship a boatload of figures or stuff.

    For scratch builders. Outside IKEA customers loading dock. There are two big bin "Recycle Cardboard", also free! And that's what I also took from. Two big sheets of perfectly good customers discarded card boards from the Recycle bins. The sheets are big enough to build a 1/6 scale German's Maus super tank. I can cut up the cardboard and ship several of my paper kits with that.

    I don't know if all IKEA stores give away boxes and card boards like my local store do. If you don't see the bins, just ask. Or if the bins are empty or don't have the size you need. Go back a days or few. The bins will be fill up again waiting for you. Even so, please do show some courtesy and don't take everything. Save some for the next guy.

    Good hunting.
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    That's really good information. I don't scratchbuild yet but I do reinforce most of my paper models so this will come in handy.