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    Hey there,

    I'm a newcomer in the world of paper building. From Malaysia that is...
    I was surfing the web a few months back when i suddenly came across to the joy of paper modelling. I just finished building a 2 feet long CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Now i'm building a USS Saratoga Aircraft Carrier which is 4 foot long.:mrgreen: About 60% completion. Since i'm new, i hope to get all the help or tips i can get from all the guru's here. Seems like a good forum to start with...


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    Aug 23, 2007
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    Welcome aboard, How is your USS Tarawa coming along? Here is a site for a lot of reference materials for you Aircraft Carrier passion. While they are not of paper products, the reference material is invaluable. Enjoy and hope to see your works soon.
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    Seems like I forgot to enter "Submit" on my last post so: "Wow, a 2' foot Chinook! I gotta see that! A 4' foot USS Saratoga, Wow! Gotta see that too! Welcome to the forum! and Please pics! The Chinook is one of my favorite birds, gotta see that!
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    Hi Kevinlee89!!:welcome1: to the forum. I hope you enjoy the forum and I think you will. Look around and feel free to ask questions. The download section is available after 10 posts. We are very Happy to have you aboard!:thumb: