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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by mapuc, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Apr 26, 2004
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    As you all now I have bought the Queen Mary II from JSC and in an another posting, I wrote that I would take copies from the originale to practice on. But if I take a scanning of one of the pages (there are 24 of them) and send it to my printer 100% I got 4 A4 pages and when I then scale it down to 25% i get one A4 page with small items on.

    So I wonder what I'm doing wrong, because the originale is an ordinary A4 papper, so when I set it to 100%, the copy(A4) must be equal to the originale. But it isn't. I have triede every combinations. The only thing that happen, is that when I go under 100%, the copy of the originale is smaller, depending on how low I'm setting the percentage.

    Hope you understand what I'm saying(writing) and that you are able to help me.

    My scanner is HP2200C

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    Feb 10, 2004
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    I have a 4400c and have no problem scanning 1:1 to my printer a HP7660. My guess is that your printer settings may be incorrect. I do not print directly from the scan I save it to a disk and then open the scan in a graphic program and then print the scan. If necessary you can correct for nonlinearity of the scan in the graphic program.
    To keep from wasting ink preview the file before you print the scan.

    Jim Nunn
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    Jan 28, 2004
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    First set your HP to scan the area you want my HP trys to be clever and only gives the area that has objects within it, overide that.

    When you print the scaled output find the setting for "exact size" multiply that by your scaling factor then insert that figure into "Custom". and then print.

    I am assuming you are using something like Neopaint produce the printout.

    It could be that HP are in Photographic mode and printing as though it is a digital camera output.

    Oh for the days when cars had window winders !!

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    Feb 8, 2004
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    I always set the scanner to make a jpg picture, and then open the jpg in paint shop pro and print from there. PSP allows you to set the print size,
    10%-1000%, so you can get an exact print of the size you want.

    Ialso draw a 4 inch ruler on the model pages, if the ruler prints up at exactly
    4 inches, I know I'm good to go. Also works great for comparing two printed sheets, if I print the model at 75%, the 4 inch ruler will be 3inches, as long as the other pages are the same, I still know I'm good to go.

    This is a great way to catch when I mistakenly print some sheets at 100%, and then accidentily print some at "shrink to fit paper" where the print size is usually 94%. Looking at the sheet I would never know there is a problem,
    but a quick check of the 4 inch ruler saves a lot of "why doesn't this fit??" later on.
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    Jul 28, 2004
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    :?: If you send your scan at 100% you should get a 1:1 copy when you print. If you reduce the scan to 25% then the copy will be 1/4 the size of the original. So something that is 4cm long will be 1cm long. You can put four copies of the original (100%) A4 page on one A4 page, so the pieces will be smaller (25% of the original). If you do not reduce the scan the copy should still be at the original size. :?:

    If the scanning resolution is different between your scan software and your print software the resulting print will be a different size than the original. I once scanned a letter from an ancestor and did not do a print preview before printing a copy. The right hand side of the page did not print at all because the resolutions between the scan and the print were different. Adjusting the resolution of the scanned image made it possible to print the copy at the size of the original.

    Send your scan to a image processing program instead of printing directly from the scan software. That way you can correct some problems with the image and adjust any attributes like contrast, size, or color. :)
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    Feb 4, 2004
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    You should check to be sure the image you saved is at the same DPI(dots per inch) that you scanned. Not all software preserves this value faithfully.

    Any decent image editor should let you change it to whatever is appropriate without having to re-scan the file or resize the image. If your editor doesn't, then it is inferior and should be replaced ASAP.