Scale Model Show - Sept 29, 2007

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    My local scale model club will be holding its annual show on September 29th, in Little Rock, Arkansas. The club is chartered with IPMS that now includes paper models in the annual contest.

    I need to find out if anyone here thinks that they could attend and if so, if they would consider entering contest in any category listed at the bottom. The prizes will be very nice - mainly commercial kits (Halinski, GPM etc). That's on top of door prizes and silent auction.

    Since the main part of the show is on Saturday, if there are enough people, we could organize a small convention/get-together on Friday or Sunday of that weekend. I will be more than happy to assist with directions, accommodations, food etc. Whatever is needed to entice card modelers to visit. I really hope to get some responses. You can contact me at:

    Please feel free to repost this message in its entirety on any card modeling boards, forums etc.


    The 2007 IMPS paper categories are:
    199: Paper Aircraft, All entries
    299: Paper Military Vehicles, All entries
    399: Paper Figures, All entries
    499: Paper Ships, All entries
    599: Paper Automotive, All entries
    699: Paper Space and Science Fiction, All entries
    899: Paper Miscellaneous, All entries
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    Little Rock, Arkansas!!! Well I would attend if it was a smidge closer to San Jose, CA LOL. I don't think we get many shows like that down here at least I haven't seen or heard of. Just abunch of RC nuts in my local hobby shop call hanggin' out in the parking lot and fiddlen with thier machines a Hobby Show. BAH!!! went to one once and saw some guy blow 1500 bucks on an RC heli and crash it in the next 3min.