Scale 1:87 (HO) aircraft?

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    I started collecting and rescaling existing (free download) models into 1:87, mostly aircraft, but also some cars. The collection so far is here:

    The link takes you to the end of the thread, where you can see the latest additions. Work yourself backwards towards the beginning. The text is in English.

    I hope you find something useful. If nothing else, you should get some tips on how to rearrange parts sheets when rescaling.

    Happy holidays, Leif

    PS. Now I see that Gil & John have already supplied this link. Sorry... and thanks!
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    Sep 26, 2005
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    Leif............. I hope you don't mind that I posted it. This really is a wonder thread and I enjoyed it very much.

    Are you still working with the tiny motors and batteries?

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    Oct 16, 2005
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    more exersizes in scaling

    As Larry says - the math is very simple to downscale models to HO (1:87) scale:

    source scale / target scale = scale factor

    scaling 1/33 to 1/87 is:
    33/87 = .37 (that means set the print scale to 37%)

    scaling 1/48 to 1/87 is:
    48/87 = .55 (set the print scale to 55%)

    scaling 1/72 to 1/87 is:
    72/87 = .83 (set the print scale to 83%)
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    Thanks for pointing out my inadequacies in math. I still prefer to use a nice little interface program to do it for me... Not likely I will ever commit that formula to memory since I have a program that does it for me.