Saturn SA-5 in 1/370 - ish

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  1. While I am working on something bigger and more elaborate, I found it was time for an inbetweenie. I like to get some quick result now and then. So I turned to the rocket I built as my first paper model. The Saturn SA-5 to me is the prettiest of them all. The black nosecone, the sensual curves of the interstage.. Hmmm.. Nice. :twisted: And because I like to make my builds a bit smaller nowadays I decided to reduce Christopher Davis' 1/96 model to about 1/370, 380 ish. Here's what I came up with. First some build progress shots. The size was relatively easy to handle. The second stage was coming together like a dream. I tried and cut out the interstage curvy bits.
  2. Next i worked on the first stage. I glued the cartwheel reinforcement on thick card and cut out the spaces inbetween the spokes. Then, while the interstage dried, I rolled the tubes for the first stage tank section. I used a pen to get them a little curve and next I rolled them around a knitting pen. Worked like a charm. There I had a micro version of the Chrysler factory plant in the early sixties. All lined up nicely together.

    The big parts now are ready. Time for the crazy stuff.
  3. The base of the first stage. Lots of tiny glue tabs to be cut. I had to use a magnifying glass to get it right. I punched out the semicircles of the shroud around the tanks. The curves were much nicer than I could cut them in this scale.
    I had to tweak the interstage adapter part a bit, it was just a little too smal due to the thickness of the paper I work with. No worries, A little wider cut version was wrapped around the bottom of the interstage and it fitted well.
    With a little effort I managed to make the yellow arrays that are placed round the top of the first stage. This was very very tiny stuff and I barely could see what I was doing. But the result is quite nice.

    Some assembling later and there is already something nice to be seen. Topshot reveals the cartwheel and the last one here is the fins, which went on nicely. Details follow next.
  4. Engines! six of them. After a little dab of black paint they looked the part. Then there was the steel rod I put the little rocket on and next on a picture frame with Florida's coastline under a cloudy cover. There's Saturn SA-5 staging!
    Thanks for watching! :wave:
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    Think you might do the Saturn V? That would be impressive to build. Or How about the Space Shuttle with SRB separation. Might even think about Ares I during First Stage Separation
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    Wow! Nicely done, PK. The early Saturns are my favorite. It's nice to see this one in a staging separation display. I LOVE it!:thumb:
  7. Thanks guys!
    @ Underwood: I already did that.
    The Ares I-X sep would be something really weird to look at, with both stages in a strange angle like a jackknife. A Shuttle SRB booster sep is one of the things on my list. I also did an R7 staging, making a Korolyov Cross.
    There's still lots of action to be crafted in paper!