Santa Fe FM Trainmasters - The Untold Story

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    Hi, all,

    I just found the following information over on the US Department of Transportation Freedom of Act web site:

    From the Federal Railroad Administration's portion of the above web site, I cut/pasted the info below, seems it will be of general interest.


    Santa Fe FM Trainmasters - The Untold Story

    Public release eligible: March 31, 2004

    In the high desert of Arizona, local railrans now are able to describe a story long hidden in the shadows of time, about the true origins of intermodal railroading on the Santa Fe's Arizona Divide.

    They say there was a mysterious locomotive in the spring of 1955, running secret railroad and government 'black ops' in remote Arizona railroad canyons:


    Rumors reappeared from time to time that sought to explain mysterious photos uncovered, attempting to justify railfan's film being confiscated by uniformed MPs.


    They hint at long-ago sightings of a phantom black and silver locomotive, running like the wind in the night.


    What really happened?

    Up to now, Santa Fe, Fairbanks Morse, EMD, and the US Government claimed this had never happened ........


    With today's release, the true story of a mysterious locomotive found stuck on a crossing in 1955 is revealed:


    Enter, if you dare.

    Here is URL to the just released information: