San Diego Aerospace Museum offerings

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    Hi all,

    I am here in San Diego, and today is my only off day, I am here for the ESRI User Conference.

    So on my day off, I walked up to the Aerospace Museum in Balboa Park, took my digital camera with me, and took loads of pictures, Ron and I will be loading the pictures to a folder for everyone to look at, either when I get home or get a chance to upload them during the week.

    of course the gift shop was the last thing on the walk thru. I did find some paper models, the Belleperphon editions, Color, Cut and Fly Modern Fighters and Warbirds

    also some simple cut out glider planes.

    but what really caught my eye, were the three model kits of satellites, The Voyager, Galileo, and the Hubble, what was nice about these, they are pressed with gold and silver , and they also look like they have been die cut, they are published by Sciplus, but don't hold me to that. those 3 models were going for $19.99 with out tax.

    So if you down here, you might want to visit the musuem.

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    Jan 18, 2004
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    OK Rick, now you are scaring me.......

    I was having a clear-out of my computer room today, found a couple of things I thought I'd put on eBay, including, get this!!!! a SciKit Voyager!!!! Spooky or what!

    Well, I'm never going to make it, so if anyone wants it let me know. The foam dish is there, and the card bits are all together as it was delivered. The bag has been opened, but the model is fine otherwise.

    First come, first served etc etc.

    Tim P
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    Jan 12, 2004
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    Rick's San Diego Aerospace Museum pics

    Rick has graced us whith a fantastic set of pics from his trip to the San Diego
    Aerospace Museum. If wings are your passion, check these out!
    Rick has also promised a few more to come so we'll get them posted for you
    as soon as they're available. We tried to resize the images a tad to make it easier on you dialup folks but didn't want to shrink them to the point of being
    impractical. They're worth the wait

    Thanks Rick!!
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    Jan 25, 2004
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    Rick, Ron,

    Guess you guys had enough of the NViro-Mental GIS stuff...,

    Now for the quiz questions:

    Q: The Wright J-4 9 cylinder engine used what company's magnetos?
    A: ?

    Q: The Curtiss OX-5 engine was factory delivered with a highly polished deep chrome job.
    A: T or F ?

    Nice shots Rick!

    Thanks, Gil
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    Jan 18, 2004
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    Laser cut, actually. I picked up the Hubble, Galileo and Voyager a few years ago at the National Air & Space. So far I've built the Galileo and Hubble. The foil makes the models quite dramatic.
  6. rickstef

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    I never get enough of GIS, feel like a Rabid Fan Boy

    Ron has the rest of my pictures, when he gets to them tomorrow, another link will be posted

  7. Leif Oh

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    Jan 27, 2004
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    Aeronca at San Diego


    Many thanks for the beautiful and large pictures! The stripped Pup was intriguing, but this time out, what caught my attention in particular was the Aeronca C3. It would seem a perfect subject for recoloring the Robert Kaelin Aeronca. Dark green and red is it? And the registration, I read it as N13094, possibly N13084. Any chance of confirmation?

    Could this be the same aircraft as in this beautiful picture, which I use as my desktop on the computer at present?

    I'll throw it in reduced, just to wet everybody's appetite. But it doesn't seem to be the same, does it, since the Aeronca on this picture has a steerable tailwheel, and furthermore seems to be very much alive and kicking.

    A detail I haven't noticed until your pictures, and the one below, is the curvature of the cockpit back wall. That isn't in the Robert Kaelin kit, and would require some basic redesigning.

    Best, and thanks again,

  8. larrymax

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    Jan 17, 2004
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    Great pics of the Aerospace Museum. I've been there, too. It's a MARVELOUS place to wander through the history of manned flight! Rick, did you happen to see the Link Trainer there, too? I was LOL when I saw it! It looks EXACTLY like the free downloadable model! ( LOL!! :D

    Here's the link to the San Diego Aerospace Museum:

    Sorry we missed the opportunity to get together while you were here. Maybe next time, buddy!


    P.S. In case any of you were wondering, the first pic of the cruise ship in Rick's photo album (from the link, above) is the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line "Legend of the Seas". The "Legend" and the "Monarch of the Seas" make regular stops in San Diego. They're AWESOME ships! Wish someone made paper models of them!!!! Hint, hint, nudge, nudge! ;)
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    Jul 19, 2004
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    Whoa Guys!!!! Don't but those there. :shock:

    Those are the "retail" prices. If you go to their website you can get them cheaper. SciPlus and Scikits seem to be the same place.
    I know this is the "Brick and Mortar" folder but I think you'd rather buy the Hubble Space Telescope for $8.95 and Galileo and Voyager for $9.95 rather than $19.99.

    On the site they also have Magellan, Lunar Prospector, and the Mars Global Surveyor. Also at the site if you buy 2 (I think) you can also aske for a FREE Mars Polar Lander too. I have them all but the Lunar Prospector. The MPL is a little weak but it you add different parts for say the landing legs and the robot arm it could be a lot better. Just an FYI