S.S. Bremen

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    Apr 13, 2006
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    My name is TThomas' and I have into card modeling for about 2 years. I have been trying to find a web site where I can buy this model. All I could find was a site called Modelarz so I sent them an email. I got a reply but it was in German I think. I can not read German. Does anyone know a place where I can buy this model that speaks English? thank you
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    Tthomas, I have posts from you going back to 2007 saying your a new modeler? I think that has past now? As far as the model you are looking for, post a picture, and more detailed information. Use Google, do the legwork.

    Secondly, use Google Translate, it works exceptionally well with German.

    Is this the ship you are looking for?

    It can be found here:

    Translated page:


    German Page:


    Home Page (German);


    5 minutes worth of Googling. I am sorry if I seem bothered but you have been a member of this forum since April of 2006 and have only 6 posts to date. I think a little more participation would be nice instead of coming here and either complaining or asking for things. You are not "new" to the Hobby and I do not like misrepresentations. Please be considerate of our members, who give you warm greetings but are being misrepresented. Schreiber-Bogen models are nearly impossible to find in the U.S, (if you are from the U.S.)

    Of course, you could have tried Amazon, which has the model, 2 available, for $79.99.