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    I received a P.M. from a member who seem perturbed as his post was an announcement about a model a group I believe he was involved with, and announcing the model, where it could be purchased.

    If someone provides a build thread, I think it is reasonable to allow at the finish of the build, where to get the model, the members participation has earned that. I want the name of the site written, not an actual link. This forum cannot be used to advertise any site though. They must have prior knowledge. I know who does and that falls under my determination, and only by permission from Ekuth, our Administrator.

    Rules location is here, (General Information and News/Feedback /Sub forum /Rules and Policies) :

    These particular rules really set the tone for this forum, and is what I think makes this forum great.

    2. Link to your blog, your pics, free sites and your poodles all you
    want. Communities are built on sharing.

    3. If you want to share a purely commercial based link, send a PM
    or a private email.

    Any questions, send me a P.M..