Roman and Carthaginian galleys

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    I just got these as pdf downloads for my birthday, and though they are simple models, they are pretty and make a nice display.

    There are two ship sets available, and some Roman buildings, with more on the way, from Hotz Artworks at;

    I plan to buy the harbor and city building sets, as well as the Merchant ship and Barbarians set once they are available in the near future.

    Both sets include a number (6 types for the Romans, 5 types for Carthage) of different waterline models of ships from small river galleys to big multi-banked vessels. These are 1/300 scale, he also offers the option to buy the smaller galleys in 10mm (a wargaming figure scale, approximately 1/144ish) and suggests how to print them to 1/100 for use with 15mm game figures.

    The design is simple (glue two sides together at bow and stern, insert deck through slots, glue on outrigger box and inner hull trim, attach oars to outrigger) with a few options (hulls in two trim colors for opposing fleets, optional decks to allow the open rowing deck or the covered deck, towers, officer's tents, masts and sails). Build time is suggested to be 30-45 minutes including cutting them out.

    They do look good, though. The website has images of these gathered in fleets, and they make a striking picture. I look forward to massing a fleet. Now where did I put my galley warfare rules?

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