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    Knowing that some of you are interested in aircraft and flight simulations, I offer you a few videos of Rise of Flight (RoF) The Great War

    [FONT=&quot]Rise of Flight Physics Trailer (HD) [/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Rise of Flight: Battle over New Wings[/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot]Try_ROF_Movie_by_ROEN911.wmv [/FONT]!

    [FONT=&quot]Dreaming of Home (A Rise of Flight career) [/FONT]
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    Nice looking simulator. Personally, if I don't have a CD of DVD off what I am playing, I won't buy it. This game is too big to download reliably. I can imagine having to do it over. Is there multiple downloads allowed. What happens if you build a new computer? They are cheap with planes. Used CD's are $99 dollars and I wonder if there are any registering issues with a used game?

    I don't know, it may be the best simulator, but that's saying a lot. It may be the best WWI simulator. Funny thing, after reading many reviews,and everyone who posted in the "fanboy" mode, not one said they had actually piloted a real plane.

    X-Plane simulates, visually, what I have experienced in flying, very well, without the physical cues, all these simulators come up lacking, a current technological block. The polarized reviews have me wanting to stay away.

    Microsoft blew it with it's latest, online flight sim. Too Bad, they were on the cusp of something big, all they needed, was better terrain, a tune up of the flight model, add combat capability to the civilian version, (FS whatever), and they would have been there. The community would have supplied the planes. Maybe that was the problem. My FS9 is so blown up with FREE add-ons, it looks great. I learned how to navigate and did not have to waste 10 hrs. in the real Piper Warrior I was flying. the terrain modeling was so detailed, I would often look for land cues before real flights. The lakes and streams lined right up with where I live.

    With newer computers, FS9/10 run with graphics, and add on content fully enabled, quite easily.

    I imagine someone will come up with something soon.

    It's worth checking up, I can see a lot of people, who have the cash, willing to do this, make sure you look at the PC's specs though. You may need a new computer to really enjoy it. :)