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    ROCO rOCO-Presseinformation
    Salzburger model railway manufacturer ROCO insolvent
    Hope for continuation of the enterprise

    Hallein, 15.7.2005. Yesterday at 16:30 o'clock had to communicate ROCO owner Peter farm servant woman in contexts of a workshop meeting to the woman employees and coworkers at the location Rif that it is forced due to the economic situation of the enterprise, today Friday, to bring in for the 15,7,2005 the bankruptcy petition over a part of the societies of the ROCO getting thing.

    ROCO model play goods GmbH with the locations Hallein Rif, Gloggnitz and Banska Bystrica (SK) is concerned, the ROCO tool construction GmbH & CO. Kg with the location Gloggnitz, and the ROCO possession and participation GmbH into Hallein Rif.

    The other societies of the ROCO group, that are not the ROCO getting thing GmbH than company nut/mother, the ROCO plants GmbH and the ROCO model play goods marketing company m.b.H. in freeread-sing are affected by the insolvency.

    The manufacturing and the distribution of the products are to be guaranteed after introduction of the bankruptcy proceedings. The owner aims at an obligation reconciliation. The enterprise stands with the financing house bank in intensive negotiations around the enterprise to continue to be able.

    Information to ROCO
    ROCO is a Salzburger private business and employed last at the locations Salzburg, Gloggnitz and Banska Bystrica (SK) of approximately 800 coworkers. In the financial year 2004 a conversion of 44,7 millions euro could be gained. ROCO manufactures approximately 300,000 locomotive and approx. in the year 1 of million railroad car models, in addition accessories, like rails and control elements. Over 80% go to the manufacturing into the export. Chief market for ROCO is followed Germany with a portion of 65%, of the home market Austria.

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    Hmmm... seems to be a Software translation...
    Read between the words...
    but you can get the point.

    Sad to hear/read...