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    I belong to a site you probably wouldn't want your Aunty to see, and on there they have 'Questions of the Week' with such gems as 'What's the most horrific thing you've seen?' and 'Why were you late'
    Also they have competitions, this week is
    Scissors and Glue
    Switch off your PC and pick up your scissors, glue, pencils and felt tips. Add your favourite magazines, and create photoshoppery the good old-fashioned way!
    Lo and behold heres a bunch of closet paper modelers! with one member who has a robot on the webdudes page, but he also has a new one here
    Its a direct link to the download, if you need a preview its here user amoebaboy
    Took me AGES to realise he has put the different pages as layers :/

    I have asked his permission he said