RIT Spring Train Show, Rochester NY, March 26

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    Shameless Plug Dept.

    Allow me to announce what will probably be my final train show appearance with the "Starter Layout" that was pictured in N Scale Railroading, November/December 2002, and some other World's Greatest Hobby material and Atlas and Micro-Trains goodies, for those of you within a reasonable driving distance of Rochester, NY (the home of UMTRR HQ).

    The Spring edition of the train show at Rochester Institute of Technology will take place on Sunday, March 26 from 10 to 3. I will be there one more time before the RIT Train Club goes to a much larger two day format in December that's a little too big for a one-person operation to handle. (They're shooting for 300 vendors, which would make it worth a drive from a longer than reasonable distance, even.)

    There's usually a good combination of vendors and displays, and there is scheduled to be a huge operating HO Scale yard coming to the show this time. This is a family friendly event, more than many of the other shows I've been to, and there is a special area set aside for the kids to play with wooden trains and HO Scale Thomas sets. (I'm usually adjacent to that area-- kids play, I talk the parents into joining the World's Greatest Hobby... works well, no?)

    I can tell you that if you have a younger child that visits my table, he or she will more than likely go home with a "make and take" project courtesy of your "umtrr-author". In a choice of two Approximate Time Periods, no less, while supplies last.

    Hours are 10 to 3 on Sunday, March 26. RIT is located near Interstate 390, off Jefferson Road (NY 252). There are other train-related activities in the area including the New York State Museum of Transportation. Visit the URL www.ritmrc.org for more details on the Spring Show.