Review of Mi-17 (GPM; Nr.080; 1:33)

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    Hello Friends,

    Today I've bought a very nice model. I have asked for my local hobby shopkeeper to ship this model from Poland. Without long waiting, I have it in my hands. I thought that you might be interested in what's inside this magazine :) I hope, that after this review, more people will be eager to get this model!

    So let's begin.
    I don't like helicopters much, because they need VERY VERY much space (the rotors are always huge) and another problem that I don't know how to make those rotors enough tight and unbreakable (any suggestions about this? :) )

    About model

    Type: Paper model
    Manufacturer: GPM
    Release date: year 2003
    Number: 080
    Model: Mi-17
    Scale: 1:33
    Difficulty class: 3 out of 3

    Length (from nose to the end of tail): 56 cm
    Width (with rotors): 65 cm
    Height: 16 cm

    Weathering: Included
    Interior: Included (Full)
    Part count: 506

    Author: Did not find :(
    Edition: Just 1000 units, so be fast! :)
    Paper quality: Very good
    Print quality: Very good
    Colour quality: Very good
    Diagrams and instructions: Many and very good
    Language: Polish

    As I told before, I don't like helicopters very much, but I bought this one because it has very realistic weathering and full interior (!) and double sided fuselage (!)(!). There are two versions of it - with interior and without it. The fuselage is similar to ship's one in non-interior version, but in full-interior version all frames are very thin when cut-out. So not to lose tightness, I'm going to make those frames from plywood (card will bend, so I need to use harder material). Also in this model all doors are openable (especialy that back cargo doors looks amazing).

    This model also has the transparent cockpit, but I haven't bought it, because my local hobby shop didn't have it. Maybe I will buy it later, or I will mold it with my "molding-machine", or I will make it simply, like in Spitfire's extremely awesome and beautiful CH-47 "Chinook". If someone is eager to see my "molding-machine", just say and I will show it to you! :)

    I've payed for it 28.8 Lt (~11$ or ~8.3 euro). Here in Lithuania is very cheap to buy cardmodels :) Let's say this Mi-17 costs 12,8 euro in Model Centrum ( )...

    And some photos:



    Diagrams and instructions:



    Frames (Note that striped area must be cut-out, when making full-interior version):


    Coloured parts (Note weathering):



    Photos of finished model:



    I hope, that you liked my review, and that you will buy this model.

    Later I'm going to post a review of Il-28 (GPM) and A-7 "Corsaire" (GPM) or F-8 "Crusader" (Hobby Model). Just after when they arrive to my hobby shop!

    So thats all. Good luck friends! ;)