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    May 15, 2004
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    Does anyone out there know who- or if- makes the old Revell engine house; or if it is in production at all? Con Cor sells the old "spin-offs"- the Weekly Herald/Print Shop and the Superior bakery- which seems odd- The engine house was the first of the series (the Print Shop/Superior Bakery were released at least two years later)- designed by Al Armitage- In the '60s, doing a model of almost any brick building meant cutting up at least three of these things. There was one on every layout on earth! It would be ironic if I had to cut up a bakery to make an engine house... Actually, I think Con Cor did sell it for a while.
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    If memory serves me correctly (a real rareity at my advancing age) This is actually a Heljin (SP) kit and is still made by them under their own label.I would suggest either checking a Walther's catalog or a Helgin catalog.