Return of the F2!

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    Jun 4, 2001
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    Amid much celebration, the F2 A unit is now back from the shops! As some of you may recall, it developed mechanical difficulty that defied remedy by its mechanics. After careful study of the mechanism, however, parts were cleaned and adjustments were made, and now she's back on the track! Her first job was to pull a local freight, and she operated perfectly! (Seriously, I learned a lot about its construction and operation. The main problem I was having was due to my not having properly inserted a couple of retaining pins into the trucks).

    Here is the F2 in the yard, in front of the engine shed:

    Here it is again, sitting next to Thomas:

    Thomas is also back up an running, sorta. He's suffering from one of the same problems that is afflicting my Consolidation: the wheels get out of sync, causing the siderods to be positioned cockeyed, thus jamming the wheels. The only solution I can think of is to use CA adhesive to fix the wheels into position and keep them from "drifting"...but that seems kinda drastic! So for now, Thomas is just running without his siderods.

    The Consolidation (you can see it in the shed, above) is still sick. Besides the siderods, the new wires I ran from the tender sometimes drag on the track. Lack of planning on my part...

    In other news, I've added another building to downtown Bryan. It's the one on the left. It will be a music store:

    Between Thomas and the F2, I actually got to do some switching tonight! Woohoo!!


    P.S. - Note the brown house on top of the hill in the second picture. I didn't realize until after I shot the photo that it was turned sideways. The house was dislodged (and several cars were scattered about the layout) because my wife was chasing a wasp out of the room with a broom. Fortunately, no one was hurt...not even the wasp.