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  1. jim currie

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    Jun 29, 2003
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    seen a up train with a inclosed car carrier with TFM could not find in info i have . also same train there was a loco with
    GEC ALSTROM(might be ALSTREOM hard to read notes) markings again no info any one know these?
  2. SOO < 1987 < WC

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    Jul 17, 2003
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    GEC Alsthom is a leasing company and TFM stands for:Transportación Ferroviaria Mexicana

    I've seen a lot of GEC Alsthom locomotives around my area in WI ever since CN took over and then found out they needed more power.
  3. jim currie

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    Jun 29, 2003
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    thanks soo
    must be here on power pool i dont think up has a shortage around here since merger, also were right next to mex border explains the tfc.
  4. SOO < 1987 < WC

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    Jul 17, 2003
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    I've heard during the summer, railroads aren't that busy(business is down), so since it's getting near the end of summer and start of fall, maybe UP by you isn't quite ready. Just a thought
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    Aug 15, 2002
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    Jim Currie asked me to post this list of reporting marks, and you may get an updated list anytime at

    AA Ann Arbor Railroad
    ABL Alameda Belt Line
    AC Algoma Central Railway
    ACL Atlantic Coast Line
    ACWR Aberdeen, Carolina & Western Railway
    ADBF Adrian & Blissfield Rail Road
    ADIR Adirondack Railway
    ADMX ADM Transportation (Archer-Daniels-Midland, Lessee)
    ADN Ashley, Drew & Northern Railway
    AEC Atlantic & East Carolina Railway
    AERC Albany & Eastern Railroad
    AFRR Amador Foothills Railroad
    AHW Ahnapee & Western Railway
    AJ Alma & Jonquieres Railway
    AKDN Acadiana Railway
    AL Almanor Railroad
    ALM Arkansas, Louisiana Mississippi Railroad
    ALS Alton & Southern Railway
    AM Arkansas & Missouri Railroad
    AMC Amador Central Railroad
    AMR Arcata & Mad River Railroad
    AMTK Amtrak
    AN Apalachicola Northern Railroad
    AOK Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad
    APA Apache Railway
    APNC Appanoose County Community Railroad
    APXX Alberta Prairie Railway Excursions
    AR Aberdeen & Rockfish
    ARA Arcade & Attica Railroad
    ARN Alberta RailNet
    ARR Alaska Railroad
    ARZC Arizona & California Railroad
    ASAB Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay Railway
    ASML Atlanta, Stone Mountain & Lithonia Railway
    ASRY Ashland Railway
    ATLT AT&L Railroad
    ATSF Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad
    ATW Atlantic & Western Railway
    AUNW Austin & Northwestern Railroad
    AWP Atlanta & West Point Railroad
    AZCR Arizona Central Railroad
    BAP Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Railway
    BAR Bangor & Aroostook
    BAYL The Bay Line Railroad
    BCER British Columbia Electric Railway
    BCH British Columbia Hydro & Power Authority
    BCLR Bay Colony Railroad
    BCOL BC Rail Ltd.
    BCVX TransLink (West Coast Express)
    BDTL Ballard Terminal
    BDW Bad Water Line
    BJRY Burlington Junction Railway
    BLA Baltimore & Annapolis Railroad
    BLE Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
    BLMR Blue Mountain Railroad
    BLOL Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad
    BM Boston & Maine Corporation
    BMH Beaufort & Morehead Railway
    BMS Berlin Mills Railway
    BN Burlington Northern Railroad
    BNML Burlington Northern Santa Fe Manitoba
    BNSF Burlington Northern Santa Fe
    BO Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
    BOCT Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal Railroad
    BPRR Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad Inc.
    BRC Belt Railway Company of Chicago
    BRW Black River & Western Corp.
    BS Birmingham Southern Railroad
    BSOR Buffalo Southern Railroad Inc.
    BVRY Brandywine Valley Railroad
    CA Chesapeake & Albemarle Railroad
    CAD Cadiz Railroad
    CAGY Columbus & Greenville Railway
    CALA Carolina Southern Railroad
    CANX CANAC International
    CBC Chemin de fer Baie des Chaleurs
    CBL Conemaugh & Black Lick Railroad
    CBNS Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia
    CBQ Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
    CBRW Columbia Basin Railroad
    CBRY Copper Basin Railway
    CC Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad
    CC&O Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio
    CCCL Connecticut Central Railroad
    CCGX Cando Contracting
    CCKY Chattooge & Chickamauga Railway
    CCPR Chelatchie Prairie Railroad
    CCT Central California Traction
    CDAC Canadian American Railroad
    CDR Cape Cod Central
    CEI Chicago & Eastern Illinois
    CEMR Central Manitoba Railway
    CERA Central Railroad of Indianapolis
    CFC Chemin de fer Charlevoix
    CFM Chemin de fer de la Matepedia
    CFNR California Northern Railroad
    CFWR Caney Fork and Western Railroad
    CG Central of Georgia
    CGT Canada & Gulf Terminal Railway
    CGW Chicago Great Western
    CIM Chicago & Illinois Midland Railway
    CIND Central Railroad of Indiana
    CIRR Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad
    CKRY Central Kansas Railway
    CKSO Condon, Kinzua & Southern Railroad
    CLC Columbia & Cowlitz Railway
    CLP Clarendon & Pittsford Railroad
    CLSL Columbia & Silver Creek Railroad
    CM Central Montana Rail
    CMER Curtis, Milburn & Eastern Railroad
    CMNW Chicago Missouri & Western Railway
    CMO Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha
    CN Canadian National Railway
    CNJ Central Railroad of New Jersey
    CNW Chicago & Northwestern
    CO Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
    COER Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railroad
    COP City of Prineville Railway
    CORP Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad
    CP Canadian Pacific Railway
    CPDR Carolina Piedmont Railroad
    CPLT Camino, Placerville & Lake Tahoe Railroad
    CR Conrail
    CRIP Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
    CRL Chicago Rail Link
    CRR Clinchfield Railroad
    CS Colorado & Southern
    CSCD Cascade & Columbia River Railroad
    CSO Connecticut Southern Railroad
    CSP Camas Prairie Railroad
    CSXT CSX Transportation
    CTN Canton Railroad
    CTRW Carlton Trail Railway
    CUVA Cuyahoga Valley Railway
    CV Central Vermont
    CW Coloroado & Wyoming Railway
    CWEX Commonwealth Edison
    CWL Cornwall Railroad
    CWP Chicago, West Pullman & Southern Railroad
    CWR California Western Railroad
    CWRL Central Western Railway
    CWWR Chehalis Western Railroad
    CYDX Conrad Yelvingston Distributors
    DAIR D&I Railroad
    DAKR Dakota Rail
    DEEX Detroit Edison
    DGNO Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad
    DH Delaware and Hudson Railway
    DL Delaware - Lackawanna Railroad
    DLCR Delaware Coast Line Railroad
    DLMX Daylight Locomotives & Machine Works
    DLW Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
    DM Detroit & Mackinac Railway
    DME Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad
    DMIR Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway
    DMVW Dakota, Missuri Valley & Western Railroad
    DNE Duluth & Northeastern Railroad
    DQE De Queen & Eastern Railroad
    DR Dardanelle & Russellville Railroad
    DRGW Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad
    DRI Davenport, Rock Island & North Western Railroad
    DRIR Denver Rock Island Railroad
    DSRC Dakota Southern Railway
    DTI Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
    DTS Detroit & Toledo Short Line
    DV Delaware Valley Railway
    DVR Devco Railway
    ECXX ECDC Environmental
    EE Ellis & Eastern
    EEC East Erie Commercial Railroad
    EIRR Eastern Idaho Railroad
    EJE Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway
    EL Erie Lackawanna
    ELS Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad
    EMRY Eastern Maine Railway
    EN Canadian Pacific Railway
    ENR E&N Railway
    EPTC East Portland Traction
    ESHR Eastern Shore Railroad
    ESLJ East St. Louis Junction Railroad
    ETL Essex Terminal Railway
    EUKA Eureka Southern Railroad
    FAPR Floydada & Plainview Railroad
    FCEW Florida Central Railroad
    FCIN Frankfort & Cincinnati Railroad
    FCP Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pac¡fico
    FCRR should possibly be FCEW
    FDDM Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway
    FEC Florida East Coast Railway
    FMRC Farmrail
    FP Fordyce and Princeton Railroad
    FRR Falls Road Railroad
    FRVR Fox River Valley Railroad
    FRY Fore River Railway
    FSR Fort Smith Railroad
    FUS Ferrocarriles Unidos del Sureste
    FVW Fox Valley & Western
    FWCR Florida West Coast Railroad
    FWD Fort Worth & Denver Railway
    FWRD Fairmont & Western Railroad
    GA Georgia Railroad
    GANO Georgia Northern Railway
    GBW Green Bay & Western Railroad
    GC Georgia Central Railway
    GCSR Gulf, Colorado & San Saba Railway
    GCW Garden City Western Railway
    GENX General Electric Railcar Services
    GEXR Goderich-Exeter Railway
    GF Georgia & Florida Railway
    GFC Grand Falls Central Railway
    GFR Grand Forks Railway
    GFRR Georgia & Florida Railroad
    GLSR Gloster Southern Railroad
    GMD General Motors Diesel Division
    GMO Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
    GMRC Green Mountain Railroad
    GMRY Great Miami & Scioto Railway
    GMSR Gulf & Mississippi Railroad
    GN Great Northern
    GNRR Georgia Northeastern Railroad
    GNWR Genesee & Wyoming Railroad
    GOT GO Transit
    GR Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad
    GRN Greenville and Northern Railway
    GRR Georgetown Railroad
    GRWR Great Walton Rail
    GSRX Golden Spike Railroad Services
    GSWR Georgia Southwestern Railroad
    GTIS Guilford Transportation Industries
    GTRA Golden Triangle Railroad
    GTW Grand Trunk Western Railroad
    GU Grafton and Upton Railroad
    GWR Great Western Railway
    GWRC Georgia Woodland Railroad
    GWWD Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway
    GWWR Gateway Western Railway
    HATX Helm - Atlantic Associates
    HB Hampton & Branchville Railroad
    HBRY Hudson Bay Railway
    HBT Houston Belt & Terminal Railway
    HCRY Huron Central Railroad
    HCYR Horry County Railway
    HESR Huron & Eastern Railway
    HLCX Helm Financial
    HLSC Hampton Railway
    HMCR Huntsville & Madison County Railroad
    HN Hutchinson & Northern Railway
    HOS Hoosier Southern Railroad
    HPTD High Point, Thomasville & Denton Railroad
    HS Hartford & Slocomb Railroad
    HSRR Hardin Southern Railroad
    IAIS Iowa Interstate Railroad
    IANR Iowa Northern
    IC Illinois Central Railroad
    ICG Illinois Central Gulf
    IHB Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad
    IHRC Indiana Hi-Rail Corp.
    IMRL I&M Rail Link
    IMRR Illinois & Midland Railroad
    INOH Indiana & Ohio Railroad, Inc.
    INPR Idaho Northern & Pacific Railroad
    IOCR Indiana & Ohio Central Railroad
    IORY Indiana & Ohio Railway
    IR Illinois Railnet
    IRRC Iowa Railroad
    IRRS International Reload Systems
    ISCX Inman Service Company (ISC)
    ISRR Indiana Southern Railroad
    ITC Illinois Terminal
    IW Intermountain Western
    JJRD J&J Railroad
    JTFS Juniata Terminal
    JXPT Jaxport Terminal Railway Co.
    KBSR Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern Railroad
    KCCX Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation
    KCNW Kelley's Creek & Northwestern Railroad
    KCS Kansas City Southern Railway
    KCT Kansas City Terminal
    KEWH Kewash Railroad
    KJRY Koekuk Junction Railway
    KNOR Klamath Northern Railway
    KPR Kelowna Pacific Railway
    KRR Kiamichi Railroad
    KSW Kansas Southwestern Railway
    KWT KWT Railway, Inc.
    LAL Livonia, Avon & Lakeville Railway
    LBR Lowville & Beaver River Railroad
    LC Lancaster & Chester Railway
    LCR Lake County Railroad
    LDRR Louisiana & Delta Railroad
    LEF Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Railroad
    LGIX Lincoln Grain
    LHR Lehigh & Hudson River Railway
    LHRR Longhorn Railway
    LI Long Island Rail Road
    LINC Lewis & Clark Railway
    LIRC Louisville & Indiana Railroad
    LMT Louisiana Midland Transport
    LN Louisville & Nashville
    LNW Louisiana & North West Railroad
    LPN Longview Portland & Northern Railway
    LRS Laurinburg & Southern Railroad
    LRWN Little Rock & Western Railway
    LS Luzerne & Susquehanna Railway
    LSI Lake Superior & Ishpeming Railroad
    LSRC Lake States Railway
    LT Lake Terminal Railroad
    LTCO Lakeside Transportation
    LTEX Larry's Truck Electric
    LTVX LTV Steel Co.
    LUN Ludington and Northern Railway
    LV Lehigh Valley Railroad
    LVAL Lackawanna Valley Railroad
    LVRC Lamoille Valley Railroad
    LVRR Lycoming Valley Railroad
    LWR Lakeland & Waterways Railway
    LXOH Lexington & Ohio Railroad
    LXVR Luxapalila Valley Railroad Inc.
    MAA Magma Arizona Railroad Company
    MACO McCormick, Ashland City & Nashville Railroad Co., Inc.
    MARC Maryland Area Rail Commuter
    MB Meridian & Bigbee Railroad
    MBTA Massachussetts Bay Transit Authority
    MCER Massachusetts Central Railroad
    MCR McCloud Railway
    MCTA Minnesota Central Railroad
    MDDE Maryland & Delaware Railroad
    MDW Minnesota, Dakota & Western Railway
    ME Morristown & Erie Railway
    MEC Maine Central Railroad
    MET Modesto & Empire Traction
    MGA Monongahela Railway
    MH Mt. Hood Railroad
    MHCO Marquette & Huron Mountain Railroad
    MHWA Mohawk Adirondack & Northern Railroad
    MIDH Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad
    MIGN Michigan Northern Railway
    MILW Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
    MJ Manufacturers Junction Railway
    MKCX Morrison Knudsen
    MMID Maryland Midland Railway
    MMRR Mid-Michigan Railroad
    MNA Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad
    MNL Mountain Laurel Railroad
    MNN Minnesota Northern Railroad
    MNNR Minnesota Commercial Railway
    MNS Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern Railway
    MNVA MNVA Railroad
    MOC Missouri Central
    MON Monon
    MOV Moshassuck Valley Railroad
    MP Missouri Pacific
    MPA Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad
    MR McCloud River Railroad
    MRL Montana Rail Link
    MRR Mid-Atlantic Railroad
    MS Michigan Shore Railroad
    MSCI Mississippi Central Railroad
    MSO Michigan Southern Railroad
    MSRC MidSouth Rail
    MSTL Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad
    MSV Mississippi & Skuna Valley Railroad
    MTFR Minnesota Transfer Railway
    MVT Mount Vernon Terminal Railway
    MWR Muncie & Western Railroad
    MWRL Mololla Western Railway
    MWRR Montana Western Railway
    MWRY Mineral Wells & Eastern Railroad
    NACR Nashville & Ashland City Railroad
    NAP Narragansett Pier Railroad
    NAR Northern Alberta Railways
    NBEC New Brunswick East Coast Railway
    NBER Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad
    NBSR New Brunswick Southern Railway
    NCRR North Coast Railroad
    NCVA North Carolina & Virginia Railroad
    NDM Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
    NECR New England Central Railroad
    NEGS New England Southern Railroad
    NENE Nebraska Northeastern
    NERR Nashville & Eastern Railroad
    NEZP Nezperce Railroad
    NH New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad
    NHVT New Hampshire & Vermont Railroad
    NKCR Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railnet
    NKP Nickel Plate Road
    NLG North Louisiana & Gulf Railroad
    NN Nevada Northern Railway
    NN Northern Nevada Railroad
    NOKL Northwestern Oklahoma Railroad
    NOLR New Orleans Lower Coast Railroad
    NOPB New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
    NP Northern Pacific
    NPPX Nebraska Public Power
    NRI Nebkota Railway
    NRR Nobles Rock Railroad
    NS Norfolk Southern
    NSTX Nucor Steel
    NSWR Nelson Southwestern Railroad
    NVRR Napa Valley Railroad
    NW Norfolk & Western
    NWP Northwestern Pacific Railroad
    NYA New York & Atlantic Railway
    NYC New York Central
    NYSW New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad
    OAR Old Augusta Railroad
    OCE Oregon California & Eastern Railway
    OCEX Oregon Coastline Express
    OCRR Ottawa Central Railway
    OCTR Octoraro Railway
    OE Oregon Electric
    OGEE Ogeechee Railway
    OHCR Ohio Central Railroad
    OHRY Owego & Hartford Railway
    OKAN Okanagan Valley Railway
    OLO Ontario L'Original Railway
    OLYR Olympic Railroad
    OMID Ontario Midland Railroad
    ONT Ontario Northland Railway
    ONW Oregon & Northwestern Railroad
    OPE Oregon Pacific & Eastern Railway
    OPR Oregon Pacifc Railroad
    OSRX Ontario Southland Railway
    OTVR Otter Tail Valley Railroad
    OUCH Ouachita Railroad
    OW New York, Ontario & Western
    PAL Paducah & Louisville Railroad
    PBNE Philadelphia, Bethlehem & New England
    PC Penn Central
    PCC Palouse River & Coulee City Railway
    PCHR Port Colborne Harbour Railway
    PCN Point Comfort & Northern Railway
    PCY Pittsburgh, Chartiers & Youghiogheny
    PGE Pacific Great Eastern
    PHL Pacific Harbor Line
    PIR Pittsburgh Industrial Railroad
    PLE Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad
    PNCX Precision National
    PNR Panhandle & Northern Railroad
    PNW Prescott & Northwestern Railroad
    PNWR Portland & Western Railroad
    POTB Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad
    POV Pittsburgh & Ohio Valley Railway
    POVA Pend Oreille Valley Railroad
    PREX Pioneer Railroad Equipment
    PRR Pennsylvania Railroad
    PRSL Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines
    PRT Parr Terminal Railroad
    PRTD Portland Traction
    PS Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad
    PSAP Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad
    PT Peninsula Terminal
    PTRC Portland Terminal Railroad
    PTRR Port Townsend Railroad
    PW Providence and Worcester Railroad
    PWJ West Jersey Railroad
    QBT Quincy Bay Terminal
    QCM Cartier Railway
    QGRY Quebec-Gatineau Railway
    QIT QIT - La Compagnie de Chemin de Fer de la Riviere Romaine
    QNSL Quebec North Shore & Labrador Railway
    QRC Quebec Railway Corporation
    QRR Quincy Railroad
    QS Quebec Southern
    RARW Rarus Railway
    RBMN Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad
    RDG The Reading Company
    RFRX Rick Franklin Corp.
    RI Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
    RLGN Mackenzie Northern Railway
    RLHH Southern Ontario Railway
    RLK Ottawa Valley Railway
    RRVW Red River Valley & Western Railroad
    RS Roberval & Saguenay Railway
    RSM Railroad Switching Service of Missouri
    RV Rahway Valley
    SAL Seaboard Air Line
    SB South Buffalo Railway
    SBD Seaboard System Railroad
    SBVR South Branch Valley Railroad
    SCEX Southern California Edison
    SCL Seaboard Coast Line
    SCRF South Carolina Central Railroad
    SCRX Santa Clarita Railway
    SCTR South Central Tennessee Railroad
    SCXY St. Croix Valley Railroad
    SDIV San Diego & Imperial Valley
    SDIY San Diego & Imperial Valley Railroad
    SDWG South Dakota Wheat Growers
    SECX Southeast Coal (GE Railcar Services)
    SEMT Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority
    SEPT Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
    SERA Sierra Railroad
    SFBR San Francisco Belt Railroad
    SGVY Saginaw Valley Railway
    SH Steelton & Highspire Railroad
    SKOL South Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad
    SL Salt Lake City Southern Railroad
    SLAL South Plains Lamesa Railroad
    SLC San Luis Central Railroad
    SLSF St. Louis - San Francisco
    SM St. Marys Railroad
    SMA San Manuel Arizona Railroad
    SMNR Southern Manitoba Railway
    SMRR Sisseton Milbank Railroad
    SMV Santa Maria Valley Railroad
    SN Sacramento Northern Railway
    SNCT Seattle & North Coast Railroad
    SOO Soo Line Railroad
    SOU Southern Railway
    SP Southern Pacific
    SPS Spokane, Portland & Seattle
    SQVR Sequatchie Valley Railroad
    SRN Sabine River & Northern Railroad
    SRY Southern Rail Link
    SSDK Savannah State Docks Railroad
    SSOR Sisseton Southern Railway
    SSTX Simpson Timber
    SSW St. Louis Southwestern
    ST ST Rail System
    ST Springfield Terminal Railway
    STE Stockton Terminal & Eastern Railroad
    STER St. Thomas and Eastern Railway
    STMA St. Maries River Railroad
    SWGR Seagraves, Whiteface & Lubbock Railroad
    SWP Southwestern Pennsylvania Railroad
    SWPX Southwestern Portland Cement
    TAG Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railroad
    TCG Tucson, Cornelia & Gila Bend Railroad
    TCRC Tri-City Railroad
    TCWR Twin Cities & Western Railroad
    TE Tacoma Eastern Railway
    THB Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo
    TM Texas Mexican Railway
    TMBL Tacoma Municipal Belt Line
    TMRW Tacoma Rail
    TNER Texas Northeastern Railroad
    TNMR Texas-New Mexico Railroad
    TNO Texas & New Orleans Raiload
    TOE Texas, Oklahoma & Eastern Railroad
    TOR RaiLink Canada
    TOV Tooele Valley Railway
    TP Texas & Pacific Railway
    TPW Toledo, Peoria & Western Railroad
    TRC Trona Railway
    TS Tidewater Southern Railway
    TSRR Tennessee Southern Railroad
    TSWR Toppenish Simcoe & Western Railroad
    TTIS Transkentucky Transportation Railroad
    TWRY Tradewater Railway
    TYBR Tyburn Railroad
    UCIR Union County Industrial Railroad
    UMP Upper Merion & Plymouth Railroad
    UO Union Railroad of Oregon
    UP Union Pacific Railroad
    URR Union Railroad
    UTAH Utah Railway
    VAMD Virginia & Maryland
    VB Van Buren Bridge
    VCRR Ventura County Railroad
    VCY Ventura County Railway
    VIA VIA Rail
    VR Valdosta Railway
    VS Valley & Siletz Railroad
    VSO Valdosta Southern Railroad
    VSRR Virginia Southern Railroad
    VTR Vermont Railway
    WA Western Railway of Alabama
    WAB Wabash Railway
    WAMX Webb Asset Management (WATCO)
    WC Wisconsin Central
    WCLR Waccamaw Coast Line Railroad
    WCRC Washington Central Railroad
    WCTR WCTU Railway
    WE Wheeling & Lake Erie
    WGCR Wiregrass Central Railroad
    WGR Willamina & Grand Ronde Railway
    WHRC Windsor & Hantsport Railway
    WIM Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway
    WKRL Western Kentucky Railway
    WOHO Wabash & Ohio Railroad
    WP Western Pacific
    WPRR Willamette & Pacific Railway
    WPY White Pass and Yukon Route
    WRWK Warwick Railway
    WSOR Wisconsin & Southern Railroad
    WSYP White Sulphur Springs & Yellowstone Park Railway
    WTCX Weyerhaeuser Company
    WTLR West Texas & Lubbock Railroad
    WTNN West Tennessee Railroad
    WTSE West Shore Railroad
    WVR Willamette Valley Railway
    WVRC Wabash Valley Railroad
    WVRD Willamette Valley Railroad
    WWV Walla Walla Valley Railway
    WYCO Wyoming & Colorado Railroad
    YS Youngstown & Southern Railway
    YSLR Yolo Shortline Railroad
    YVT Yakima Valley Transportation Company
    YW Yreka Western Railroad