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    Jul 18, 2011
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    Good Day,

    I am from Canada and have been modelling for quite a long time, but over the last few shorts years have been interested in creating many rare and unproduced models, mostly modern Military and in paper/card in braille scale 1/72 and 1/87.

    I am currently trying to learn new techniques and get assistance in making many of my kits. I hope to produce many rare models, experimental WWII as well as modern Russian and French in order to give a three dimensional reference to rare and some unknown kits. I hope this will add to the general research on some of these subjects and promote more unique and even unusual dioramas or one off models.

    Cheers to all,
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    :welcome1: back to the forum. Happy to have you return. I like the historical aspect of this hobby so I can appreciate you motivation. :)