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    Myself and some pals headed down to meet trail royalty Brian Parker at the Recon G6 here in Calgary Alberta. What a blast this was, what with it being my first time heading down to one of these events i wasn't too sure what to expect. To me the recon G6 is a team endurance event, designed to bring you and your pals together by pulling and pushing you through the posted gates on track. This event ha over 200 gates with a sugar sand mud and rocks. Honestly the best parts of this event for me was hanging out with old pals and getting to spend the weekend with Asiatees & BoomRacing!!! They were the main sponsor for the event and brought an armada of prizes and give away that were given away in a raffle style. Im not sure if anyone didn't walk away with something cool! We paid $34 to play at this event and walked away with much more then that in gifts and prizes! More importantly was the new & old friends we gained at this which really was the priceless part of the day. This event was put together by the veteran RudeBoysRC, OnetoomanyRC's as well as the ever awesome Crawler Teds Garage! With some of the biggest names in RC in one park it was hard to capture it all on camera. I hope you enjoy this endurance video as much as i did making it! Thank you for watching and as always until next time my friends..