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    This is a place for Gauge members to share our experiences with various model railroad products -- both positive and/or negative.

    1. Reviews should be limited to your own experience with the product and should be factual - not opinion, not hearsay. Describe the problem with the product accurately, and wherever possible, offer a solution or a course of action the manufacturer, or the modeler, could use to correct the problem. Just saying something is "bad", doesn't help the person using the product.

    2. Bashing and slander are not constructive, and are against Gauge rules. As an example "My Mantua 4-8-4 can only pull 4 cars" is useful information, but something like "Mantua sucks!" is unacceptable bashing.

    3. You may post links to pictures on other sites. You may also post your own photos to illustrate your review - in fact we encourage it! Re-posting others' images or reviews without permission is copyright infringement and is not permitted.

    4. This is a moderated forum. The Gauge reserves the right to delete any post that is deemed inappropriate without notice.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.