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    UHU02 has chosen a new distribution method, which, frankly, I am happy he has done. After maybe a decade or more or trying to help UHU02 protect his work, his decision to not answer Personal Messages (PM's) from myself, or any other of the Admins/Moderators or to confirm his email address, the fact that he does not uniformly distribute his models in any kind of orderly manner, nor discloses the requirements, and even when he has, he has not followed up, has alienated many members of this forum. As asked by UHU02, I gave his passwords out to people I recognized from the leading paper model websites, and we all know who they are. I never give them to people I had never heard from.

    When UHU started distributing his models during the first couple of weeks to anyone, I thought this was a better method. He still would not be able to prevent redistribution, no one can stop that.

    The point of this post is that UHU02 has refused to answer any PM's by the staff. My record shows he was on the forum recently, and would have seen the conversations, but must have chosen to either ignore them, or not respond.

    He has never commented on the works of other members or and rarely on those, some, who did a better job than he did building his model designs.

    UHU has no permission for most of the models he makes. He does not have any copyright claims he can show. I challenge him to do so.

    For UHU02 to be so paranoid about his models is a bit hypocritical, as his has usurped the designs of others, modeled them in paper, as as others have written, "makes you jump through hoops of fire to get them".

    This forum will no longer be part of this hypocrisy, and I am ashamed I took part in in as long as I did. I have never built any of his models, I usually only build what I design.

    His complete lack of participation in this forum, decision not to respond to any of the PM's has compelled me to end his account here.

    He can still contact us, which I doubt he will, based on recent past history, but will not be able to log in.

    I will and never have, ask anyone who posts build threads of his models, of those of any designers, where they got them from, and as to their "legitimacy".

    We are not the "Internet Police", and after having UHU02 throw back into our face all that we did to try and get people to download the models from his site, apparently, that was not enough.

    UHU02 abandoned Zealot, he walked out, we are just closing the door.

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