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    hi im asking how do you make the PVC Tyres Thanks :?: :lol:
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    these are from's forum
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    I believe there are various diameter sizes for pvc depending on what region you reside in. I found that here in the States, california in particular, Home Depot carries a 2" pvc pipe that fits right onto the bare rim without any additional materials nor glue needed.

    1. By any standard 26mm or 24mm sized wheels.
    2. Make sure the wheels are totally bare.
    3. Drive your butt to home depot or another Home Improvement store.
    4. Ask for any 2" irrigation piping. At home depot, they carry 10 foot 2" pipes for $3.99
    5. On the pipe, mark off lines according to the wheel size so that cutting will be easy.
    6. With your favorite cutting tool, carefully cut each part of the pipe with the markings so that you will have plenty of sets for the future.
    7. To mount the pvc to the wheel, just push the pvc around the rim, then step on it to force it over the wheel. It should be quite snug, however, at times the pvc may slip off just a bit but can easlily be pushed back to the right position using a little muscle power.
    8. Enjoy

    This is with tires.

    1. Take you wheels to your hardware store
    2. There is no definate size of PVC, you have to see what fits
    3. I found a pipe that fits tight over the rims with tires
    4. Measured the width of your rim/tire to cut
    5. If you have tires, the PVC should slip on and you shouldnt need any type of adhesive

    1. took my tl01 wheel to the hardware store
    2. find 65mm pipe which would fit tightly and cut it into 4x26mm pieces
    3. cut 8 pieces of double sided tape 200mmx25mm, and put 2 on each side tyre tread
    4. slide the pvc onto the wheels
    5. get black texta and colour in the pvc sidewalls so the pvc looks like tyres
    5. power up your car
    6. do burnouts until a battery is empty so the smooth pvc wears out
    7. you car can drift now

    PVC thread here!
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    Also just in case you dont want to do the work and want some nice white rims drifterx is a forum sponser, his banner is in the rotation at top, and he makes some nice preglued, premounted pvc wheels/rims for a great price...
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