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    A lot of you guys already know me and why I've not posted in a while, so this is mainly a re-introduction. For the new comers to the forum, I have been around the card/papermodel forums for over 5 years now, but been into all sorts of model building for over 35 years, started off with plastic kits, moving on to RC boats, cars and aircraft, I even like a bit of the railroad stuff. But lately I've started to get back into plastic kit's again, although I've not stopped building card models, as the photo below shows.

    As for what happened at the other 'place' :curse:, thanks go out to the guys that sent me messages, emails and PM's :thumb:.

    As for what I've been building while I had my break.

    Jules Optimus Prime, still a few bits to finish part 2D. Low quality photo is due to low batteries in good camera.

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    Hey Paul nice to see you around again!.Nice build of OP look forward to seeing the finished build welcome back mate.
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    Damn fine to see you back, my friend.

    And some damn fine work there, too! :thumb:
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