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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by jhatch10, Jun 5, 2004.

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    Im new to Rc drifting and especially to Rc cars in general(im ignorant to anything to do with RC cars) but I wanna start RC drifting. I wanna know specifically all I need to get started(I mean everything). I was thinking AE86 or a S14 if they have that body. PLEASE HELP THANK YOU FOR ALL HELP!
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    You need A chassis, some screws, drive shaft for said chassis, two diffrentials for said drive shaft, two diff cases for said diff. Two fron a arms, caster blocks and bulkheads for said chassis / gearbox. Shock tower for said gearbox / chassis. Rear A arms, bulkheads, casterblocks for said car / diff case. Shocktower for said diffcase / chassis. 4 touring car shocks (with all internals). Shock oil, and springs. Touring Car CVD's / Dogbones's for said chassis. Bearings to fit where needed. Wheel lock nuts, assortment of scews. Wheels, tires, inserts, CA.

    I know theres a few parts missing... but its time to stop the JA mode...

    Basicly you need a base car kit. Build that, then you need rims and PVC to fit the rims. Or you can get the Yokomo Drift tires. Then you need a Transmitter with Reciever. A ESC and motor. 6 or 7 sub C size batterys. Thats basicly all you need.