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    Jan 28, 2004
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    I'm at the line, revving it up. :D

    I'm a huge sports/GT/sedan racing fan and I like rally cars as well. I've got a bunch of racing games for the consoles and do some track days now and then in my WRX here in Northern California (mostly at Thunderhill: "3 Miles of Adrenaline"). :)

    Just getting into this card modeling thang, though I've done a number of models in various other mediums in 1/43 scale. So I'm starting out simple with these free downloads from the Japanese Paper Model Fansite:

    Okay, they are quite stylized, caricatures of the real thing really, but they do have a certain charm. Finished the Ford GT (on the Gallery) and almost done with the Subaru WRX WRC car. I'm working on the gloss finish as recommended by nx13688 on the old site - really messed up the Ford GT but the WRX is coming along better. I have printed out the Jaguar XJR-9 (IMSA skinned version) and the Lancia Beta Monte Carlo and these are ready to build next.

    After doing some of these, I'll be ready to tackle more accurate builds, such as the Nissan R390 and there's a Czech site with excellent free downloads of the Lancia Stratos and the Ferrari 312PB.