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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by bigdangerous, Jun 10, 2004.

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    I just got done w/ my rs4, and i'm using straight pvc. I'm using a 15t motor right now, but i ordered a stock 27t p2k(i think) just for longer run times. Is this gonna be alright?
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    yes it will be fine. As a matter of fact my pro 2 now with a banzai 15t and a super rooster( started out brushless but it died and novak has had it for 3 weeks now, then i had 15t and G-10 but it died...thank god Tekin is back in business so hopefully soon i will be able to send it back cus those speedos are really badass!) wouldn't run last week cause the super rooster didnt work (it does now i just had it plugged in channel 3 instead of 1....stupid me). So i drove my TL-01 on PVC. It has a Banzai modded Trinity Monter 27T. I was outrunning my friends brushless cars (3 of em) because the stock got more PVC traction since it was kinda slower. But they all tossed on rubber later on so i did too expecting to get killed since i had the TL-01 with a 19T pinion. To everyones surprise I killed em all racing a concrete oval. I dont know why??? But I did realize that that 27T was unbelievably fast!!

    The bottom line is if you need a good race motor buy a Banzai1
    They will cost a pretty penny compared to your Speed Gems, Stock motors, etc. but they are well worth it!

    Ohhh yeah that 27T will be perfect and the run time will also be great!!
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    p2k2 is way better for drifting than the 15t motor :)

    fast motors spin at high rpm's but lack torque and torque is what you want for drifting, not top speed.

    i have a p2k2 and it's perfect for drifting, the guys at my local hobby shop are all switching to 27t motors from 15t and 19t motors after they saw how mine drifted!

    - Brian
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    yo...i used my team orion orbital 2 pro-bb (10x3) motor
    and i took out the armauture and replaced it with my 540 stock mabuchi (comes stock in tamiya tl01 kits) 21 or 27 turn armauture. it works hella crazy!! i think it double the torque cus of the 27x1 armauture.

    pro-bb motor can:[​IMG]
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    With your PVC, a P2K Pro is more than ample, you'll be able to drift with ridiculously low throttle = less heat = longer run times = extended lifespan for motor & cells = BIG WIDE GRIN :D
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