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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Stellar_Days, Jul 4, 2004.

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    try using a combination of the new rubber drift tires. right now i like the yok full rubber drift on the front and hpi drift on the back which give a nice balanced feel. how can you tell a car is balanced by its tires? if your can get the back to trail out for only to spin when you get on it, then the back and front tires are balanced, the problem is now most likely in your diff setup.

    BTW: if anyones says they can rwd drift please post up with vids?

    BTW2: anyone with a rubber front and plastic rear is 90% full of it. or their perception of a rc drift is a terrible looking drift. the tires still gotta be balanced or else it won't straighten out. hmm... actually maybe a FF would work well this way. gotta try it.

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    Hi, in my opinion, using PVC as wheels are cheating the game because they will spin out as soon as you hit mid trottle, thus the drift.

    If RWD, I consider that a real drift, just like the pros in Japan ! Yes it might be difficult, but you get to see the front wheels tracking the ground while the rear spins out ( and rubber screeches too ).

    In AWD, I believe you can do it on a lower speed than a RWD. So my preference is on a RWD for realistic and challenging, yeah.. no doubt it is terrible.
  3. just do a google search on rc drif vids. or better yet take a look at this video drifting all those cars are awd. i would challenge someone to drift like that in a rwd rc car. esspessully like the purple/blue wrx that does an insainly long drift on what looks like a bike trail. and again like everyone else said your not in the rc car you can feel what it is doing so there for having the assist of the front wheels pulling you while your back end is slipping out helps alot and makes it alot more controlable. thats why rally cars are AWD.
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    okay well SPARKY STI
    some of us whos rents are in the military and had us PCS to japan for 5 years me now being 16 i have been into drifting since the start of time in japan. however even japanese people belive that awd drifting is mroe controlable. however were being the fat lazy americans and copying everything they do so when there awd drifting why dont we rwd drift make the stakes higher and proove just because u invent something it can always be improved. I currently am running a TT-01 awd drifter and a Pro2 rwd drifter. i am better with the pro2 as its more responsive and quicker into the sideways slide but who ever told you that its harder to drift rwd was ethier fat and lazy and didnt like practicing but awd is like the hpi Dbox, auto dork system.

    whatever flame me for my opinion but honestly rc should be more advanced and realistic to not be considered toys.
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    1st yeah awd is easier but if your going to drift then drift don't just do something easy. I drift with 5yr old traxxas rustler that is rwd and yes its hard but you develope real technique not just some half way job. AWD is a crutch people use it because it keeps the car from spinning out and all they want is to drift and make people think their cool but what ever. Pick one and stick with it. The drifting technique is just different. And 2nd you are not going to be the youngest drifter in your state because you are trying to take it the easy way and are not going to drift well if your not out drifting and practicing to get your technique right. Also how are you going to pay for tires at $60 a piece and them only lasting a couple of sessions you will have to work 3 jobs to pay for them unless you're spoiled and you daddy will pay for it then you loose all resppect from anyone who works to have a good car spending 6-8 hours doing body work in 2-15 degree wether on a car that only cost them $1000 and a whole lot of work. I want to here from you again to tell me if i'm right or wrong
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    Right on. My garage is streeked with tred marks form my truck flying around at 15-20mph. Keep it real
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    Yeah i looked at the video. It's all about technique. In AWD you just throw the car into the turn and use the front wheels to adjust the angle. that's not real drifting. Drifting is like being on the edge of spining out and that's how drifting is judged. If you can't spin out what's the point. RWD is like balancing a knife if it's to far to the left or the right it falls over and kills someone. It's all about what you put into it. The more time you put into a RWD car the more realistic the look of the drift and the more you get out of it. work and keep it real.
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    hey stellar not only do i watch inital d ive driven both an evo 4 and a ae86 and belive me if you want to go fast and drift the evo 4 owns the 86 and as far as 4wd over 2wd for a rc drifter 4wd owns, the front wheels are what holds you in a drift as they scramble for traction they kind of steer your car
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    also drift = oversteer, ever seen a professional grip racer, they all use oversteer to their advantage. by the way drifting was invented as a way to lower lap times back in the days of the real JGTC not as a way to look cool
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    It is practically impossible to drift with an rc car when driving with rwd. This is because unlike a real car there is not enough weight at the front of the car. It is no possible with an rc car to accelerate and cause the rear to straighten up like a normal car would, since there is no weight transfer to the front. Hence, the reason why you would spin pretty much all the time. The only thing you can do with an rwd car is slide sideways....not drift. It is impossible to hold the drift with a rwd car. All of you people who are commenting that rwd cars are better to drift with are fools.
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    wth?....set the negative camber? you even know what camber is used for? Also, the method you are describing is not drifting, its called "sliding sideways".
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    I must say this rwd rc drifting is causing quite a stir! I glad people have their own opinion on which platform is better or more realistic. Personally I would like to see some videos of rwd touring cars drifting like the rest of us that use 4wd cars. Ive tried this out before with my nitro car (I removed the front belt and moved the reciever pack up front to add weight to the front end), It didnt work to great I think I used about 20 tanks of fuel and 5 battery packs trying to perfect this, It just doesnt work like a real car. Now think about this the car Im using has a 3.3cc engine thats been ported It has plenty of power to break all four tires loose let alone just two, also the rear diff was running very thick diff fluid (practically locked), the rc cars just dont weigh enough to carry the inertia like a real car, the car will spin so easily its practically impossible to call the sliding that occurred a drift (you definitely cant link drifts together and be in control). Drifting a real car is about inertia not just spinning the rear tires and going sideways, plus the front tires on real cars are also sliding when they drift if you guys ever go to a d1gp or any other drift event talk to rhys millen or vaughn gittin jr. They will clear up your doubts. I will give rwd drive fans this though burnouts are much easier for them, my car smoked its tires for like 40 feet, hard to keep it straight though. If any of you can drift 2wd cars like a 4wd then make some videos show the world your skills, but dont call the rest of us cheaters or make false claims to fame. oh yeah while I do admire japanese culture and love the drift scene they are not the first to invent drifting, American sprint car drivers invented the prolonged drift years before japanese started tuning, dirt track boys have been perfecting this at over 100 miles an hour for decades now, granted they have purpose built cars for only left turns but they were first, the japanese just added their own spin on it and did it for fun on streets and racetracks around japan.
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    well...erm, no they didnt. What we now know as drifting was first started by a japanese racecar driver (forgot his name, although wikipedia should have it) who found that he was able to improve his lap times by actually sliding through the corners, ie. drifting. This is how drifting actually took off.
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    hey orb read the entire thread... that has already been discussed;)
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    I have...I was just adressing the post by Jareb.
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    just trying to keep the post from turning into a pissing contest