re: 2wd or 4wd and why 4wd?

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Stellar_Days, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Stellar_Days

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    I've noticed most of the drifter set-ups are 4wd, while in real life, the cars that are known to drift better are the rear wheel 2wd. I think if I get a 4wd shaft driven setup, I wil dis-engage the al wheel drive. Would it not make sense, maybe pvc, abs or the yok tires aren't whats needed.
  2. Rocket-Russ

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    Yep what your saying is true but what you will find is its much more controlable with 4wd and abs or drift tires.You can hold the drifts for much longer plus in a real car you get the feel for when the rear is going to snap away from you its much harder to judge with an rc. Im not saying dont try it as you maybe able to do it but its definately alot harder
  3. SpArKeY_STi

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    Ya, 2WD only can be used for carpet racing, drag racing, or someone whos REALLY good at the throttle.

    No matter what, iv yet to see a drifter use 2WD. It makes the car extemely uncontrolable.
  4. Stellar_Days

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    I really need to experiment with it, cause from what I remember back when I was fourteen, my r/c buggy was 2wd and I drove it everywhere. I put street tires on it and without any pvc or abs, it would drift/slide aroud. Another example of a 2wd set-up to drift, that was a street/dirt track racer, my sister's husbands oval car. This car looked like a wedge with a big wing on the right side of the car and was a 2wd powered vehicle. I drove it on holidays when my brother-in-law came over and that car would drift left and right with the right speed. I was just thinking that 4wd was invent for GRIP racing and 2wd was created for DRIFT racing, watch Initial-D. :idea:
  5. SpArKeY_STi

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    First, initial D is a cartoon... dont believe everything you see.

    Next, yes, there are 2WD Buggies, Trucks, 1/12th scale, and ovals... thats for a reason. Those arnt the best to drift with. You can yes, but it can get REALLY hard. Expecially if you use drift tires. Now if you want to go rubber, then you can go 2WD. But if you want PVC or Yoks, good luck if you want 2WD.
  6. Stellar_Days

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    Well, a few hundred japs can't be wrong. You need to watch Monsters of the Touge, 2wd vs. 4wd to see that 2wd is a better drift set-up and initial-D incorporates that into its plot. Cartoon yes, all fiction, not 100%, but you are right I do not need to believe everything I see, but only believe what I experiment with. Please don't take offense, I come in peace. 8)
  7. SpArKeY_STi

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    So do i. But i mean not to be rude, however, im a learning drifter... i know quite a bit of what can and cant be done. A few hundred japs cant be wrong no... however, if you notice, some also use Scoobys, and Skylines. Both of them AWD. RC's arnt real cars. The grip they have and the way phyics work on them is slightly diffrent. A real car weighs in the thousands of lbs, a Rc car bairly hits double digits sometimes.

    You can do what you want, however take it from someone whos been doing RC drift as long as hes known what drifting is... who has no life and just looks up new and inventive ways to drift and techniques. And who the day he turns 16 hes going to be the youngest drifter in the state he lives in... and one of the few. Trust me, i know that FR's are the best to drift... however, not in the RC world. Iv seen some do it, but they were running all rubber and couldnt hold a drift long and could only do big sweeps.
  8. Rocket-Russ

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    The best way to find out if you can do it is set up some tight figure of 8 track and try and keep the car drifting alway round its possible with a 4wd but i think you will strugle with a 2wd, dont take that as a knock on your driving i have tried it with both my 4wd and rear 2wd cars. If you watch the hong kong drifters videos you will find it nearly impossible to recreate what they do with a 2wd like the forward 360 spin and keep going but with a 4wd like they are using its possible after a bit of practise along as your car is set up right.
  9. Yertle

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    I recon its due to the power/weight of the cars, they have so much power that you basicly cant get the front to keep up with the power coming from the rear in a 2wd, you need the front drive just to keep it from doing ringgies everytime you turn. RCs dont have the throttle control of full sized cars too. My 2 cents anyway......
  10. Cam9730

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    The reason is because of control and feel. Unless you can sit in your RC car to feel where its going and how its sliding, you better be using AWD. Its much more controlable.
  11. SupraDRFT

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    2WD Supra

    I have a 1:10 scale (elec.) Supra 2WD. i just set the camber on the front and i use cut tops from spray paint cans over my rear tires. i found by pumping the throttle through the turn i am able to gain alot more control than a 4WD application but it takes alotta "seat time" to get to this point, so get practicing...
  12. SpArKeY_STi

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    Re: 2WD Supra

    what exactly do you mean by "seat time"? Cause if you mean driving drifts in a real car, its still easyer with AWD. I mean you can just go REAL slow and what not, but then you have the AWD guy lapping you and there may be a time limit and you run out and loose. Now in just S&G drifting, it doesnt matter. But for a drift vid or something, AWD is the way to go.
  13. SupraDRFT

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    drift THIS!

    No it was a fiqure of speech. Get a Good elec 2WD platform and practice you will get the hang of it but you have to have a low geard car with a high power motor(Set THe Negative Camber on the front two Wheels)... Just pump the throttle around the corner, you cant hold the Throttle like the 4WD platform but if you go into the turn at full speed and pump the throttle you will pass the 4WD car but you have to practice! Don't try it once then Act Like it can't Be Done! Cause it Can! You need to build a Skill! (Not relying on the 4WD to get you through the drift)
    (PRACTICE= "Seat Time")!
    p.s.-if your set-up is right you can do it without drift tires, just keep the momentum... (with 2WD you can also use your reverse as an e-brake to initiate the Drift...)
  14. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Ya, just its not easy. People think they can correct it like AWD and cant so they get pissed. I do 2WD rub tyre drifting all the time. I perfer foam tho, but thats only cause my foams are frozen and slip all over the place...
  15. iGuy

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    I think i am gettign the hang of RWD RC Drifting.
    It looks like a drift to me but its not fast and dont look as purdy. and i only get a nice dirft 50% of the time outta all my attempts.

    My car is
    HPI RS4 Pro3 (i know its old but hey it works)
    Took out the front belt. To make it a rwd.
    20T Fireball (feels like crap but dont feel like puttin in my 19t)
    PVC tires.
    Toe in front. and camber
    no camber or toe in back.

    I drive 3/4 of full throttle before the turn and 4/4 trottle into the turn to get the back loose after that its steering too much send me into a spin too little dont drift Like people say very unpredictable some time when it works it looks sweet.

    Any suggestions or jsut stick with 4wd LOL
  16. 69stang

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    hey iguy i did the same thging exsept i put 2 thats right 2 belts in the back of my rs4 pro 3 for more power and so that the belts didint get striped and the car was un controlable with 2 wheel drive{i even had regular tires on and i still drifted like crazy} 8)
  17. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    My theory that iv used on RWD rcdrifting is like driving on ice. If you want a good speed drift you have to take the corner fast, then steer a bit, then full counter steer. Also, no matter what, if you are going with RWD you need to use the grippyest tires you can find for your surface.

    Ill see if my friend will video tape my drift attemps, and maby make a "How to" video.
  18. iGuy

    iGuy Guest

    hummm i dunno i trid it again today. its kinda fun tryin to drift rwd LOL.
    even with only one belt and reg tires LOL.

    you see alot more miss haps hahaha
  19. VDubbin

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    I used to try to drift my mini when that was all I had. While getting it to slide wasn't a problem, (especially with rock hard tyres) you really have very little control over your car when it starts to drift. that's where have power to the front wheels comes in, to pull you out of the spin to that point where you're not spinning donuts, and not quite going straight, which is the essesnce of drifting.

    IRL , 2WD works before at least half the weight of the car is over the front wheels, so all that's required to regain traction is to caountersteer and slow down, shiftoing more weigh to the front, and regaining grip. for this to wrok the same in 1:10, you would need to mount the battery and motor over the front wheels (like for example a tamiya Mini), but drive the real wheels.
    That's why HPI's nitro drift conversion kit moves the engine forward, to create this balance.
  20. iGuy

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    hummmm i got my weight all centered battery is in the center and my ecs and servo are all to the front maybe thats y i can actually do rwd drifts,... my frind got a diff hpi and his battery is towards teh backsitting sideways. he makes donuts all day long.