RC Trailblazr - Ford Bronco & Toyota Hilux - Ascender/Trailfinder 2 - Rain or Shine -

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    Welcome back and hello again,

    This video was a bit inspired from some old school movie favourites and a step up on the scale of making videos. I see myself as a bit of a perfectionist and I'm doing what I love in making videos to share with folks. What has made this journey the best has been the comments!! All the good and bad ones have made this exciting for me to show you guys whats next or what I have been up to within RC. My phone will go off and ill see your comment on the clip, it sure helps and I sure respect your time for sharing or commenting on the videos. The battles in order to make these videos are so worth it and just a part of the YouTube world. It wouldn't be as rewarding without getting sick from being rained on, having videos pop up as copyrighted, going through multiple computers or being broke from buying expensive camera/RC stuff. Trust me I'm not complaining at all, I'm happy for the opportunity to make these videos. I feel lucky to be able to use such platforms from GoPro, Apple and YouTube. So don't let the moments in life get you down is really what I'm saying. Roadblocks are all there for a reason no matter how hard they may be. Just trust in your happiness and do whatever makes you happy. The crazy thing is these videos will still be strumming around the internet even after I'm gone, and your views and comments will follow them, I don't take that for granted as I don't take for granted your time for watching them.

    Thank you friends and as I always say, until next time...