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    hello all, im kind of out of my element here as i am an avid model train builder. but im looking for anyone in the r/c plane world that may be looking for old issues of r/c planes magazines. my grand father easily built over a thousand planes in his time but sadly he is no longer with us:(
    now the reason im making this post is because he left behind alot of things planes,controls,tools etc. most of his stuff went to the model clubs he belonged to but one thing still laying around are literally tons of books and magazines of all kinds of aircraft. my grand mother recently decided she wanted it out of her house. so i grabbed as much as i could. now this is where you come in anybody that wants them please contact me and ill send you the list or post it up on here.id prefer anyone local in the long island/new york area that would be able to pick them up. if not im sure we can work out some sort of shipping deal. im not charging anything for the magazines unless they have to be shipped. i know my grandfather would prefer people reading these magazines then them becoming dust farms. thanks for taking the time to read this. -dan cassanello