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    so what do u think i should get to make this car a better drifter......a 19 turn motor? some pvc tires?....an my friend has a nitro car he says nitro is better for drifting....which is better nitro or electric.
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    Well from all the vids online I would have to say electric is more popular. On the vids which most are pretty smooth, I dont see any air intake holes cut into the body or smoke coming from them. But I would say if you were into really fast drifting go nitro. On the other hand if you are looking to drift with friends Id say electric. Seems to be all technique.
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    Hey blizzard,
    I drift with both nitro and electric in case you havent read my intro. Nitro has a different slide than electrics but its only because of the weight. I can hang right beside my friends cars (they all run electric) you just need to be more smooth with the steering, setup makes a huge difference also, most of the time with electrics if you let up on the throttle its similar to applying the brakes, but with nitro you can dial in some braking so the car slows when your not on the gas. I love nitro cars, but they are not for everyone, nitro is pricey, glow plugs arent cheap either. But they draw a crowd much quicker than electrics. For nito I suggest the nitro 4tec (About 320 bucks)they have two variants right now the 3.3 and the 2.5 I have a 3.3 and its got gobs of power, 71mph car the 2.5 will run like 62mph. The thing about traxxas nitros is they are very user friendly, electric start ready to run. they accept most 190 to 200mm touring bodies as well. My car has a hpi 350z body on it with volk te37 hpi wheels. Plus now that Im back in ohio I can always bolt on 1/10 scale staduim truck wheels and tires and drive it offroad in the winter. but you cant beat electric for price and ease of tuning and cleaning. The bottom line is they both do excellent drifting or racing, the chassis are all very similar and handle about the same. the skill level for operation is the only difference. and with pvc tires any 4wd will slide
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    Hi. I'm new with this rc-drifting, but it looks fun..:) Can you give me some tips to where i can buy rc-cars on the internett?
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    go to www.towerhobbies.com
    or just use a search engine like yahoo to find a local shop.
    Youll need a 4wd touring car kit any hobby shop can help you find one to fit your budget and get started.
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    hey i got a G-Force 1/10 Lamborghini Electric Radio Remote Controlled RC Racing Car RTR what should i do to make it drift it is 4wd but dnt knw wat to do because im new at this hobby:confused:
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    whats better for drifting abs or pvc pipe?
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    just got a 4tec, 15t motor. tamiya drift tires. do i need anything else?
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    should be good to go with the that setup chromecarz,

    Blizzard both the abs and pvc perform close, the abs is a little softer and may provide a slight amount more grip, I ve been using the pvc and had great results, my nitro car will slide very predictably and the pvc lasts for hours of play. The only problem with it is, the pvc is so hard of a plastic that if hit a curb or pothole by mistake it can crack or seperate from the rim. if you round the edge of the pvc like a real tire it cuts down of the chance of it cracking. Oddly enough you can also use a set of old junk wheels for drifting with decent results, I used an old set of hpi mesh wheels one day because the rings came, the only problem with that is they dont last more than about five tanks of fuel or about 5 battery packs, and the ground clearance is reduced a little bit.

    I like the tamiya drift tires too though. They make for some great high speed drifts and lasts pretty long
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    i agree pvc s are better.

    just rembemer to round the edges, i personally use hpi drift pvc tires about $20 a pair, if u use the pvcs try to drift on ashpalt paving and if you are going to drift on concrete use either a different set of tires or get ready to change the pvc. drifting on concrete wears out the pvc faster then ashpalt it also cuts grooves into the pvc sideways which makes it harder to control when using the same tires on ashpalt again.Drifting is the same aa any other type of racing different tires for different tracks/surfaces.
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    Hey, Jareb, you promised me some pics, remember?
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    yeah sorry the camera I use is my parents and I havent got it from them yet, I do have some pics on here of my old civic though, Ill try and get some of the 4tec as soon as I get a chance. just look at my introduction for the pics. I had that car for 6years and most of the mods happen during the last two years I owned it. I loved that car even though it was only an old civic, I still see the kid that bought driving around all the time, that car has such a unique sound, could never forget it, most of the civics Ive heard have a different exhaust note than it did, maybe my choice of exhaust or the cam timing and headwork had something to do with it.
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    hey where can i buy good rc drifting cars please hit me back i'm new here!