Rc 10 And Street Weapon Manuels F/t

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    hey there i got a vintage 1984 owners manuel for the original rc 10 and also comes with the hop up catalog also 1984...then i have a losi street weapon owners manuel from 1997 both in great shape i dont have the cars anymore so dont need the manuels...but what i do need are as follows..
    1. 2 sets of 75 mhz crystals am
    2. 1 set of 27 mhz crystals
    3. any electric mod motor 13 turn or less
    4. used but still working esc's of any brand
    5. any working radios and recivers
    not sure how much these manuels are worth so if you want them then lets make a deal...other trades considered...i have to list a price so 60.00 shipped gets all 3 manuels but i want to trade not sell...