RB-79 Gundam Ball!

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    Yay, I finally finished the RB-Gundam Ball! After 3 days of work :) I tried this because it was my first try at Primitive modeling, so why not start off with something simple. Well it got harder at the cockpit. Anyways, I modeled it in metasequoia, textured it in pain.net/GIMP, and...
    Yeah! I won't release for a download yet, until I accomplish modeling RX-78-2 KA, GunTank, and Guncannon. Special thanks to Jaybats Tut, it does wonders! Check it out if you wanna start modeling in meta with primitives. http://forum.zealot.com/t155969/ Primitives= Right way to go...Drawing lines is easier, but less exact :/ I think I'll have to to this again to get the cockpit right, and probably get a skeleton on it...

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    Having a go at design eh? Well done! :D Nice to see another budding designer emerge from Jays tutorial.

    Go for it buddy.
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    Thanks skupilkinson! Jaybats tutorial is good, huh?

    As for the ball, I guess I'm finished with it for now, now onto the Tank!!!