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    Hey all,

    I got this email from a guy who saw my Ranger Interceptor kit on Ebay and sent me this:

    Hello, I was on the show... Now if I can find that Galaxy Ranger badge...
    Nice model, watch out Bob Mandel might want a cut of your take.


    I then asked him who he had played on the show and got this back:

    T'was long ago...
    They managed to get many, many, voices out of some of us.
    My main guy was Zozo, Little Zach, Brappo, some British bad guy
    that gave that hero Supertrooper a hard time, a blackbird in an
    alley, a museum curator, a spaced-out pilot, a masked extreme
    So many crazy things happened on the fly.
    It was a lot of fun.
    Some members of the cast are dead.
    The show was postproduced in an odd way
    that would take a while to explain so I won't in this message.

    Have Fun,
    Robert Bottone

    Pretty neat!

    If you don't know what the model is, here's a link:


    ComicSpace - Sculpts, paper model kits, toys, games / Page 4 of 24
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    KUDOS !! ~ *I wish kewl stuff like this would happen to me.

    Its a good lookin' design Bill !

    btb. I hadn't realised you were such a gun artist ~ Its just dawned on me that you 'drew' the AG gfx for your Thunderbolt!!!! Love your Hotrods! ~ they'd make great card models.. ;) hahaha .. add the 'Reactor Tractor' as well..!

    = bookmarked! :thumb:

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    Thanks! :)

    The model has sold miserably (I think a total of 3 or 4 since it's introduction). But It's nice to get email like this.